WEB Notes: One thing was certain, the protests and media coverage of the people in Greece standing up ended in more of the same. The government of Greece used the people to most likely negotiate “better” terms. In the end who won? The bankers of course. This is now Greece’s third bailout in five years. Greece has made no changes to their economy other than slashing pension funds. How about that, who does that affect? The people, so the entire point of all this ends with the average Joe having more of his money stolen by the bankers. It seems to me there is more to this issue than just this though. Was this another attempt by the global banking system to see how far they can push the people? Or was it just not time to bring down the system? Your guess is as good as mine. One thing is certain nothing has changed here. This is another kick the can down the road while stealing more wealth from the people.

Greeks see ‘humiliation’ in harsh terms of eurozone bailout

Source: Yahoo | Many ordinary Greeks were sceptical that the deal would bring about any improvement to their lives.

Haralambos Rouliskos, a 60-year-old economist who was out walking in Athens, described the deal as “misery, humiliation and slavery”.

Katerina Katsaba, a 52-year-old working for a pharmaceutical company, said: “I am not in favour of this deal. I know they (the eurozone creditors) are trying to blackmail us.”

“It would be better not to have a deal than the way it was done because it will certainly be worse for the years to follow,” said Lefteris Paboulidis, who owns a dating service business.

“I would have preferred something else to happen, such as Grexit, where we would have starved in the beginning but dealt with it ourselves,” the 35-year-old said.

Ilias, a 26-year-old civil servant, agreed. “The important thing is for the country to be better off — not so much if we stay in Europe or not, that is the last thing to think of,” he said.

“If we stay in Europe and the country goes from bad to worse, I can’t see anything positive about that.” – Read More – Yahoo



Greek crisis endgame: EU agrees to allocate €80bn+ over 3 years

Source: RT | The program will affect the overall pension reform, reform of the product markets, privatization and changes in labor exchanges, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel after the eurozone summit Monday.

“We have been long engaged in the matter of the size of the program, which is very significant – from €82 to €86 billion over three years,” she said at a news conference.

A write-off of Greece’s debt is not on the agenda, she added. – Read More – RT

Greece reaches deal with creditors, avoids euro exit

Source: MyWay News | Greece reached a deal with its European creditors Monday, pledging stringent austerity to avoid an exit from the euro and the global financial chaos that could have followed.

The deal calls for Greeks, already reeling from harsh measures and economic decline, to cut back even further in exchange for more loans without which its financial system would surely collapse. The deal, which still needs approval from Greece’s parliament, will be the country’s third bailout in five years.

To get to a deal, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had to overcome the fundamental mistrust of many of his allies among the 18 other countries that use the euro, known as the eurozone. Just a week earlier, at his urging, Greeks had voted in a referendum to reject many of the measures he agreed to Monday, and the deal forced him to renege on many of his election promises. – Read More – MyWay News


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