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Date: November 27, 2015

These Are The ‘Dangerous’ Syrian Refugees You’ve Been Hearing About

WEB Notes: Take a look at the photos of these people in the source article. Do they look like terrorists? They are fleeing their lands that have been destroyed by Western powers. Can you really blame them for seeking a better life? We posted this video last week of refugees and what is transpiring in European nations. The important thing to understand is the media is going to twist this both ways to confuse the masses and I believe it is working very well. Going back to the article here. While I am certain these people are really looking for a better life after their nations were destroyed it is very clear someone is helping them come to the European nations. Look at the new life vests in piles in the background. In a war ravaged nation I highly doubt new life vests have been salvaged to make such a voyage.

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Moscow is ready to coordinate with the West over strikes on Syria, Putin says

WEB Notes: The same “good guy” Putin who supposedly destroyed 40% of ISIS infrastructure in a week last month. The same “good guy” Putin who admitted the G20 supports ISIS. The same “good guy” Putin whose country said US Policies helped create ISIS. The same “good guy” Putin who understands who created ISIS. This same “good guy” Putin is now ready to work with the West with respect to coordinated attacks on ISIS in Syria. Now does that make any sense to you? Of course not, because none of it does. There are no good guys. The truth of the matter is most nations on the face of the earth are already controlled by the children of Satan. They are a part of the same side whether they realize it or not. It is so important that you grasp that. The nations that are working together are already controlled. The nations being fought against are not controlled.

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Russia targets Turkish economy in retaliation for downing of warplane

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday called for tough sanctions against Turkey that could bite into more than $30 billion in trade ties between the two countries, as police here began seizing Turkish products and deporting Turkish businessmen.

Russian officials are seething after Turkish F-16s downed a Russian warplane over the Syrian border in a debacle that ultimately left two Russian servicemen dead. Turkey says that the Russian plane breached its airspace and was warned five times to turn back, charges that Russia denies.
Source: Russia targets Turkish economy in retaliation for downing of warplane – Chicago Tribune

Gold Plunges Below “Crucial Level”, Lowest Since Oct 2009 On $2 Billion Notional Flush

WEB Notes: This is why you do not dump all of your eggs in one basket. The children of Satan control the financial system and this includes precious metals as well. Today’s metals market mainly consist of “paper silver and gold”. Quite literally they are trades on paper, the physical metal does not exist in the quantities it is sold in paper. The numbers are staggering to be frank. With that said, Gold and Silver have never been worth zero and I believe that will hold true looking forward as well. This is the reason you should have some (not all), some on hand.

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Black Friday 2015: Brutal fights break out in American malls as shoppers clash over best deals

WEB Notes: There are a lot of videos and websites covering this topic. The point I want to make is look at these fools. Yes, I said fools because that is what these people are. What kind of example are they setting for their children? Fighting over a discount? The second reason I say fools is it will be these people roaming the streets in need during economic collapse. If they will fight you to save a dollar, imagine what they will do when they are hungry. (The book of Proverbs has a lot of verses pertaining to the fool.)

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China to set up 1st overseas naval base in Djibouti next to US airbase

WEB Notes: Take note, their first navel base. When you hear reports about Russia and China destroying the United States, they are greatly exaggerated. The US has hundreds of bases all over the world.

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