WEB Notes: It is time to wake up my friends. More and more world leaders are stepping up and saying terrorism is the common enemy we must fight against. China now makes it five world leaders who have said this in the last week. Right on the heels of the Paris attacks. If “ISIS” strikes a time or two more it will surely galvanize the world something the children of Satan are hoping for and an event biblical in scale.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, “Terrorism is the common enemy of humanity. China resolutely opposes terrorism in any form and resolutely fights against violent, terrorist, criminal activities that challenge the bottom line of human civilization.”

China is set to wage war with Islamic State (Isis) after the extremists executed one of its citizens and three Chinese nationals died during the Mali siege. IS have claimed this week they have executed Beijing man Fan Jinghui, 50, and Norwegian Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, 48, in their magazine, Dabiq.

Fan, described as a former teacher and Grimsgaard-Ofstad, once connected to a university in Trondheim, were taken hostage in September this year by the militants. IS is believed to have offered the men for sale, claiming they were “abandoned by the kafir [unbeliever] nations and organisations”.
Source: President Xi Jinping says China will fight Isis after hostage executed and three nationals die in Mali


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