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Date: December 5, 2015

IMF Approves Reserve Currency Status for China’s Yuan

WEB Notes: This goes into effect October of 2016.

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Russian warplanes destroy 12 fuel pump stations in Syria in a week

WEB Notes: Look at the image in the source article. The nations of the world are destroying the infrastructure of Syria, not ISIS. Did ISIS build those oil networks? No. At the very least they took them over from Assad if even that much is true. So who is suffering? Syria.

Everyone keeps wondering when Isaiah 17:1 will come to pass, yet it is passing right before our eyes. All of this oil infrastructure is one of the ways Syria funds itself. With no income there is no country and a ruinous capital. Look at the refugee crisis. Syria is becoming uninhabitable and it already is in many areas. Biblical events are moving right along.

Lastly, I saw so many headlines today saying Islamic Terrorism on the rise. Terrorists coming to get us etc, etc. All of those people miss the entire point and instead of helping they only feed the propaganda machine they claim to be stopping. Stop and think for a moment and realize what is going on.

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Junk Bonds Having Worst Year Since 2008 Crisis: Three Red Flags

There are three major red flags waving in the wind over the U.S. junk bond market. First, the market is now approximately $1.8 trillion, about double the amount of junk bonds outstanding at the height of the financial crisis in 2008. Also, yields have skyrocketed, showing a growing aversion to risk by investors. As the above chart indicates, the lowest rated junk bonds (also called “high yield”) which have a CCC or lower rating, have seen their yields double from 8 percent to 16 percent since July of last year. And, finally, downgrades to ratings are swamping the number of upgrades, a telling sign of an overall deteriorating market. According to the ratings agency, Moody’s, the ratio of upgrades to downgrades is at the worst level since the financial crash in 2008-2009.

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Archaeologists Discover Seal Bearing Name of Biblical King Hezekiah in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a mark from the seal of biblical King Hezekiah, who helped build Jerusalem into an ancient metropolis.

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Investors Brace for Mexico’s Biggest Corporate US-Dollar Bond Default in 20 Years

In August, the bonds of Mexico’s biggest construction company, ICA, had the dubious honor of being the worst performing corporate bonds across all emerging markets. At a time when emerging economies are slowing down and the total debt exposure of EM corporations has never been higher, this was no mean feat.Then in October, ICA reported its biggest net loss in 14 years. And things have only deteriorated since.
Source: It Begins: Investors Brace for Mexico’s Biggest Corporate US-Dollar Bond Default in 20 Years | Wolf Street

The number of people in America vs. the number of guns in America, visualized

WEB Notes: To ensure we have not all lost our sanity, let me ask a question. Do guns kill people? No. People kill people and so do knifes, just ask Europe.

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Robots Made Fast-Food Workers Obsolete: Now They Are Coming After These 791,200 Jobs

WEB Notes: Let me be clear. I have nothing against technology, I love it. Look at this website as an example, we can share in one location and people around the world can read and view the content, amazing. Nonetheless, automation is putting a lot of people out of work. I do not buy the theory where this article pitches the idea that the reduced employee cost will build the economy in other areas. We create more technology to reduce the amount of workforce to make tasks faster/easier with less hands involved. That has been the goal of technology advancement. Any jobs that are created due to a technology that replaces workers usually leads to outsourcing to some other country for lower wages. That does not help our nation, but then again that is not the goal to begin with.

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U.S. government reveals breadth of requests for Internet records

WEB Notes: No surprise here. They have been doing this for years and everything you do online is tracked and recorded in a database. It is not about, “I have nothing to hide so it’s okay.” This is about a violation of your privacy. Who is the paranoid one? The person wishing to keep their personal matters personal? Or the government who collects data on everyone. You answer that question.

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M7.1 – Southeast Indian Ridge

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards
Source: M7.1 – Southeast Indian Ridge

Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers

WEB Notes: Of course they did and this is another great example of what we spoke about in our video, close the borders. If the government truly had the agenda to protect American’s they would not continue to allow so many people into this nation at once. Related Article: Smooth Visa Process for Woman in Attack Is Focus of Inquiry

Soon we will be told we need to give up more freedoms in order to defeat ISIS and obama’s gun control plea the other day was a part of that. At some point I am sure we will be told Iran is behind ISIS as well…

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No, Mr. President, the NRA is not to blame: Chris Cox

Just when we think that politics can’t sink any lower, President Obama once again proves us wrong by politicizing the tragedy in San Bernardino before the facts were even known. What we do know is that the American people are heartbroken by these horrific crimes — and despite what the president would have us believe — America’s law-abiding gun owners are heartbroken by these horrific crimes as well. At the same time, we are sick and tired of this president suggesting the men and women of the National Rifle Association are somehow to blame.

Source: No, Mr. President, the NRA is not to blame: Chris Cox


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