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Date: January 21, 2016 (page 1 of 2)

M6.6 earthquake off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons – ikluft

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Global Stocks Enter Bear Market: One-Fifth Of All Worldwide Stock Market Wealth Is Already Gone

WEB Notes: “one-fifth of all the stock market wealth in the entire world has already been wiped out”.  If that does not wake you up nothing will. If we have finally reached the next leg of the collapse we will see wild swings in the markets both positive and negative. Go back in your mind to 2008 and you will recall that we saw the same thing. As a note all live market data can be viewed right here on our site.

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DOW falls to new low as Oil dips below $27 on oversupply

U.S. oil prices crashed below $27 dollars a barrel on Wednesday for the first time since 2003, caught in a broad slump across world financial markets with traders also worried that the crude supply glut could last longer.

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A Run On The Banks Begins In Italy As Italian Banking Stocks Collapse

WEB Notes: The amount of losses being discussed here is staggering to say the least. Take the time to read all of this article.

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George Soros: “Europe Is On The Verge Of Collapse”

WEB Notes: Soros, everyone’s favorite front man. The old world order must collapse in order to bring about a new world order.

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Ruble Plunges 25% in 90 days, Hits New Low, Government Says to Heck with it

The ruble plunged 3.8% on Wednesday to a new all-time low of 81.825 rubles to the US dollar, blowing through the previous catastrophic panic low of December 2014. At the time, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank deployed desperate, and ultimately very costly shock-and-awe measures to stop the ruble from spiraling out of control. And it triggered all kinds of drama.

Source: Ruble Plunges 25% in 90 days, Hits New Low, Government Says to Heck with it | Wolf Street

Union Pacific 4Q Profit Falls 22 Pct as Freight Volume Slows

WEB Notes: All indicators are pointing to a slow down in the global economy. Shipping is down, rail is down and of course China is collapsing. Let me ask you what builds China’s economy? Producing the trash most of us buy in the stores. If their economy is collapsing and no ships are traversing the seas and rails movement is down that should tell you no one is buying the goods from China, at least there is a large reduction in demand.

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Are We In A Depression?

Deflation Roll Call—-Mining Giant BHP Takes $7.2 Billion Write-Down, Faces 50% Dividend Cut

BHP Billiton Ltd. said it is committed to protecting its balance sheet amid a sharp downturn in world commodity markets, as expectations build about the miner preparing to cut its dividend.

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Obama Relaxes Rules for Striking ISIS in Afghanistan

WEB Notes: He relaxes the rules. Do you get this? Hey the US can bomb Afganistan and Pakistan and kill civilians, but when it comes to (their proxy army) ISIS we need to be careful and sensative. I sure hope it is obvious to all by now ISIS is a creation of Western Powers.

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Big Bank Stocks Have Been Crushed: Here’s Why

The conventional wisdom was that the Fed’s rate hike on December 16 of last year was going to help big bank stocks by boosting their ability to charge heftier interest rates on loans. That theory has pretty much been relegated to the dust bin of financial fairy tales along with the Fed’s prediction that the slump in oil prices would be “transitory.” Bank stocks have been cratering like it’s early 2008 all over again and oil prices can’t find a floor, having broken through $60, $50, $40 and now $30 a barrel over the past 12 months.

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The 18 Trillion Dollar Debt, the Biggest Heist on American Citizens in History

At the end of Obama’s second term, it is estimated the national debt will be 20 trillion dollars. Most of this money has gone to frivolous spending by the Federal government, as well as been stolen by various government officials, using the excuse that astronomical sums of money are missing.

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