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Bible Question, Answer and Discussion for 6-3-2016

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Bible Question and Answer
Welcome to our bi-weekly post Bible Question, Answer and Discussion where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer one of them. So please join us and feel free to chime in on the discussion in the comments section below this post.

Before we get into this week’s questions we would like to point out that you are helping to spread the Word of God by your continued submission of questions. Because of your ongoing participation these Q&A posts have been read thousands of times. Without your participation this section of our site would not exist. So if you have a Biblical or non-Biblical question you would like to ask, submit it now for our next edition of “Bible: Question, Answer and Discussion“.

Question 1:

Name: Amy
Question: Hi Brandon,

I was wondering in a prior question speaking of the time frame of tribulation it was stated that ” One day with the Lord is as a thousand years to us as you pointed out. There have been roughly six of the Lord’s days since the creation of mankind which is equal to six thousand of our years. The truth be told, we are nearing the end of that six thousand year period.”

My question is what documents the six days with the Lord (which was stated we are at the end of sixth )…In the time of Genesis, there were sort of eight days and then Adam and Eve created on the 8th day after God rested on the 7th. The gentiles were created on the 6th day so is that where the time frame starts for documenting the timeframe? Because Adam and Eve were created on the 8th day so that again would be considered another day which would be a thousand years …right? And it states that God ended his work which He had done and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done. And obviously the concept of time in our spiritual bodies is bound to be irrelevant compared to our flesh bodies…right?



Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Thank you for the question Amy.

You are referencing a previous Bible Q&A where I made that statement. Since I said mankind instead of Adam that would be an error on my part and I have edited that for clarity.

Let me make it clear for you and everyone else. In our study titled, “The World That Was, The First Earth Age” I stated,

“We should understand it was man who was created approximately eight-thousand years ago, not the earth (sixth day creation to Christ equals approximately six-thousand years, Christ to present day equals approximately two-thousand years).”

Mankind was created on the sixth day as you stated yourself (Genesis 1:24-31). We know Adam was created on the day after the seventh which was our Father’s Day of rest so that would naturally be the next day, the eighth (Genesis 2:7).  A day with the Lord is as a thousand years to us which means we have just documented a two thousand-year period (2 Peter 3:8).

From Adam to Jesus Christ is another four thousand year period and from Christ to our present day is an additional two thousand years which gives us a total of eight thousand years since the sixth day creation of mankind.

If you have a Companion Bible by Dr. E.W. Bullinger reference Appendix 50 which has a nice timeline though it leaves out creation days 6-7.

With respect to your last question, when our Father returns at the end of the Millennium time will essentially have no meaning as we will enter the Eternity and live forever in peace with God (Revelation 21:4).



Question 2:

Name: Joseph
Question: A question has been brought to my attention. 1) When the time comes for the Elect to go into the wilderness how are they to know it is time, and how will they get there, or in other words by what means of travel? 2) Once the Elect are separated from those worshiping the beast, and satan by what means of travel are they then brought up before the throne, planes, trains, etc.? Thank you!


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Thank you for the question Joseph.

I do not believe the “wilderness” is literally, turn your Bible with me to,

Revelation 12:6
6 “And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.”

The woman is symbolic for the Twelve Tribes of Israel and better said the Election in general which I believe will consist of more than just the Twelve Tribes. The wilderness is symbolic for a safe place and our Father’s preparation. As you pointed out, the Election, some of them anyway will be delivered up to Satan so we know they will not be hiding in the mountains some place. They will be in their homes or some other place that is safe, one that is provided by God. Notice the timing here, 1260 days which is the same length of time the Two Witnesses have been alloted. Why? While Satan is on earth for the entire Tribulation Satan does not make war with the Saints until the midst of the week, the time when the Tribulation goes into overdrive (Daniel 7:25, Revelation 13:5-7).

Revelation 12:14
14 “And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.”

A time, and times and a half a time” is equal to 3.5 times which is equal to 3.5 years which is equal to 1260 days which is equal to half of the Tribulation. Christ did shorten the entire Tribulation from a 7 year period down to what we believe will be a five month period (Matthew 24:22, Revelation 9:5). What is half of five months? 2.5 months and that is the length of time Satan will make war with the Saints.

Revelation 12:15
15 “And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.”

This will help document for you we are talking about symbology with respect to the “wilderness“. The serpent is symbolic for Satan and we all know serpents do not cast water out of their mouths (Revelation 12:7-9).

Revelation 12:16
16 “And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.”

The earth cannot help anyone, it is dirt and rock. This is symbolic for our Father’s out reaching hands and He can and He does control nature if He so desires. You may recall how Korah and his follows were swallowed up by the earth in Numbers 16:29-32. What Revelation 12:16 is telling us is our Father will abate Satan’s flood of lies, they will have no effect on our Father’s Election.

There certainly will be a separation and we documented that in our study titled, “Mark of the Beast Revealed“. How will the Elect be delivered up (Do not lose sight of the fact only a select few will actually be delivered up to Satan, others will be delivered up to local governments and councils for a testimony as well, Luke 21:12)? We are not specifically told that in the scriptures. It could be through anyone of the modes of transportation you already mentioned.

While we do not yet have a study on it, I believe Satan will bring air craft with him and they will be used also. Ezekiel 1 gives a great explanation of one of these air craft. God is far more knowledgable than us and we certainly should not expect to see Satan and his fallen angel friends show up in rags. They will be riding high-class and putting on the greatest show the world has ever seen.

Additional Reading: Preparing Our Households for the Tribulation



Question 3:

Name: Nichole
Question: My question is, and keep in mind I find these things sick and twisted. Does God love the soul of the individual that is a homosexual or a pedophile, but just hate what they do? Also, does God want to save these people and if they were to repent and turn from their ways, would he accept them?


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Nichole, thank you for the question.

While it is very true “God is love“, He does in fact hate (1 John 4:8). He hates Satan and his angels and our Father is going to kill him and those who want to follow Satan (Ezekiel 28:12-19, Isaiah 14:12-16). Romans 9:13 echo’s our Father’s Words, “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated“. How could God hate Esau who was only a baby? Our Father is all-knowing and He knew exactly what Esau did in The First Earth Age and what did Esau do in this age? Sell his birthright for a bowl of soup (Genesis 25:29-34). While we may not think that much of a birthright today, in those days being the first-born brought great rewards. The point here is God will hate those who hate or despise Him.

Please turn your Bible with me to,

Psalms 11:5 
5 “The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.”

The Lord actually hates their soul and for those who wish to spiritually or physically harm our children they should heed Christ’s warning, “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones,” (Luke 17:2).

Psalms 11:6 
6 “Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup.”

What cup? The Cup of Wrath spoken of in Revelation and this is a merely a taste of it (Revelation 14:10, 16:19).

Psalms 11:7 
7 “For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.”

Let us drive home the point a bit further. Now turn with me to,

Proverbs 6:16-19 
16 “These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:”

17A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,”

18 “An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,”

19A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

Our Father is very real and He has emotions just as we do, remember we were made in His image (Genesis 1:27).

That having been said our Father “is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance,” though they will not (2 Peter 3:9). Afterall “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior loves us so much He came for the sinner, He is ready, willing and able to save those who would turn from their ways and come to Him for repentance.

In closing, I will leave you all with this video… No matter where we are in our life if we open the door Christ will come into our heart, but we must open that door first.

Lifehouse: Everything Drama Skit


We would like to thank our Father for giving us this platform in order to spread His most precious Word. We would also like to thank our readers for submitting their questions and giving us the opportunity to share them with the audience. If you would like to ask a question submit it for the next edition of this post and continue the discussion by leaving a comment below. Previous editions of Bible Q&A can be found in our archive.

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  1. Thank you Brandon again for your fine explanation of travel during the wilderness. It helps explain that not all will be delivered up. However we all should be prepared.

  2. I was reading over Revelation 12:6 and was wondering whether anyone knows who the THEY are? “that *they* should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.” Are “they” the two witnesses? Or are *THEY* God’s elect where in Zechariah 4:10 reads “For who hath despised the day of small things? for *THEY* shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those *SEVEN*; *THEY* are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth.”
    The plummet in Zerubbabel’s hand with those seven [God’s elect] is the true Word of God being spoken and held straight and true to refute Satan’s flood of lies along with any traditions held by men. God’s elect will rejoice when the true Word of God comes down to them in the giving of the Holy Spirit. They will nourish Israel by their testimony when they are delivered up to antichrist.

    • I believe that you are along the right track, DFG.

      The…”they”…I believe is God / Christ, and wherever those two (2) are…the Holy Spirit is also. From the parting of the Red Sea and the earthquake that split the ground asunder and swallowed all those who followed Korah…throughout
      the Bible we can read how God has used prophets, nature and natural forces to protect His own and even defeat their enemies….and for the *first* trib to come, we’ll also have the Holy Spirit working through those in the following Scriptures to continue to *feed and protect* His own:

      Acts 2:17 “And it SHALL come to pass in the LAST DAYS, saith GOD, I WILL pour out of MY SPIRIT upon all flesh: AND your sons AND your daughters shall prophesy, AND your young men shall see visions, AND your old men shall dream dreams:”


      And we already read in Rev. 9 that the IMPOSTOR Satan was *not* to harm in any way, those with the seal of God *in* their foreheads…so he will learn the GRAVE ERROR / ENORMOUS MISTAKE of his *disobedience*…in just 3 1/2 days following their *celebration* of *harming and silencing* the HOLY SPIRIT-POWERED-UP Two (2) Witnesses of Almighty God YHVH!

      That “WILDERNESS” in Rev. 12:6 is our place among the people, prepared of GOD, where He wants us to be. John the Baptist was a voice crying in the “wilderness” and common sense tells us that he wasn’t preaching to the animals, that’s for sure…he was warning and feeding whomsoever will hearken the Word of our Heavenly Father! So you are on the right track, DFG…

      What did it say the woman would be doing in the wilderness?

      Feeding for 1260 days…as you’ve already shared. This time is when God’s protection is given for the woman, MOTHER “ISRAEL”…
      And so it is, that the woman will be fed during the worldwide FAMINE of Amos 8:11, even as we now feast on the Word of God…God’s Spirit will be poured out in prophesying, teaching, visions, dreams…Holy Spirit Oil of TRUTH will continue to pump into the two candlesticks until they are murdered.

      One thing for sure…the woman is certainly not hidden somewhere she can’t be found, she has a duty to perform, she would even be delivered up (Matthew 10:16-22) by her own loved ones among others, who are DECEIVED by that *DESOLATOR*… thinking him to be the TRUE Christ…but she will have on the *FULL* Armor of God, ready to fight against the fiery darts of Satan!
      O’ What exciting times we now live in!

      God Bless!

  3. In regards to Joseph’s question…specifically, the “WILDERNESS” Revelation 12:6 …I agree with Brandon, that it is not literal…I’m sharing the following, which I’ve learned over the years about it>>>>

    “WILDERNESS”: The lands where the Tribes of ISRAEL were *SCATTERED*…Great Britain, U.S.A, Canada, Western Europe… wherever a Nation exists that calls themselves *CHRISTIAN*…
    That “wilderness” is the same place as in the following Scriptures>>>>>

    Romans 9:26 “And it shall come to pass, that in the PLACE where it was said unto them, “Ye are NOT my people;” THERE shall they be called the children of the LIVING GOD.”

    *****This is a direct quote from Hosea 1:10 “Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured not numbered; and it SHALL come to pass, that in the PLACE where it was said unto them, Ye are NOT My People,” THERE it shall be said unto them, “Ye are the sons of the LIVING GOD.”

    *****This verse is directed to the LATTER / LAST DAYS…the generation we now live in. Those of the HO– USE OF ISRAEL, who believe in CHRIST YESHUA the LIVING GOD…and follow HIM are…”called”…CHRISTIANS / ”SONS OF THE LIVING GOD”…and do not forget the gentile *CONVERTS* that are “GRAFTED” in also. Romans 11:11-31. Though they are CHRISTIANS…they are still “ISRAEL” with regards to Bible Prophecy, projected ahead to our generation…it is talking only of the “House of Israel” (Children of Israel) and not Judah. Today when these Israelites, divorced by God (Jeremiah 3:8)…accept God’s Salvation message and come to God through Christ’s shed blood, they take on that NEW identity.
    So bear in mind…that the “wilderness”…is *NOT* referring to that tiny nation of Israel in the M.E today, which for the most part, forbid you to teach their people of CHRIST or bring the Word of GOD to *their* little nation.

    Humble student of God’s Word…learning, sharing, maturing and enjoying Brandon’s wonderful gift in God’s / Christ’s Service and our Christian fellowship with one another, as we keep the *Watch*…right here on WEB!
    We are truly blessed!

    May God be praised!

    • EYEONGOD, Thank you so much for futher explaning about the wilderness during Tribulation times. I love learning about the truth of God’s word. This site has helped me and those who have asked me many questions.

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