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Date: October 30, 2016

European Union Offers a Million Debit Cards for Syrian Refugees

WEB Notes: “Refugees” = “Illegal Immigrants”. Which means your tax dollars Mr. and Mrs. EU are going to assist in the destruction of your nation. Why are these people going to your nations? Because the Western world along with Russia are destroying their nations in the name of manufactured terrorism. Think about it. The Western world has its citizens believing we are fighting terrorism for your freedom in the middle east. At the same time in actuality the nations in the middle east who are not a part of the global structure are being destroyed. Having little to no infrastructure left for the citizens of those middle eastern nations they are heading to European greener pastures which also servers as a culture war as well. There are far too many people moving into Euro-Land from the middle east and it will and has completely changed the culture. All of this is a part of the children of Satan’s plan and the people just cannot see it. Speaking of freedom. In the roughly 20 year war against terrorism ask yourself… How many freedoms have you gain… and how many have you lost?

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Millennials Agree With Marx More Than the Bible, Study Finds

WEB Notes: Unfortunately, it is these generations who will one day be the future leaders of the world and they are completely clueless.

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‘I saw hell’: Norcia 6.6 earthquake devastates historic churches & buildings

The ancient town of Norcia in central Italy is in ruins following the powerful earthquake which knocked its historical 13th century Basilica of St Benedict and other buildings to the ground.

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6.6 Magnitude Earthquake CENTRAL ITALY

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons – ikluft

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