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What numbers on fruit stickers on bananas and apples really mean

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You may have collected them or stuck them onto your desk when you were at school, but odds are you’ve never really thought about why there are stickers on fruit. And even if you have noticed them, then you still probably have no idea what they actually mean.

But now all is revealed by wellness coach Dr Frank Lipman – who says the stickers can actually be used in a clever way to find out exactly how your piece of fruit was grown.

One example is bananas, which all have the same code ‘4011’ if they have been grown conventionally.

But if there is a five digit code beginning with the number ‘9’, such as 94011 for bananas, then you know your fruit has been grown organically.

If you’re trying to avoid genetically-modified products, then take care of fruit that has a sticker with a five-digit code on it beginning with an ‘8’.

Source: What numbers on fruit stickers on bananas and apples REALLY mean | Daily Mail Online

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