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Date: December 19, 2016 (page 1 of 2)

6.7 Magnitude Earthquake SOLOMON ISLANDS

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons – ikluft

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Christian Jokes: The Preacher in the Ocean


Start today with some fun Christian humor.

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Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 1:76-78

Bible Verse of the Day

Luke 1:76-78

“And thou, child, shalt be called the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways; To give knowledge of salvation unto his people by the remission of their sins, Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,”

‘We have nothing left’: Humanitarian crisis grows in Mosul – Video

WEB Notes: This did not exist under Saddam. You can thank the “war on terror” for this. Look how many lives this has destroyed? Look at the concentration camps those people are living in. In this video they explain that a million people are displaced in Mosul by the war raging. A million people and where is the media coverage?

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Time: 5 Radical Solutions to Fix Our Busted Government

WEB Notes: More and more we hear of new ways the government should be run. In this post Time Magazine is calling for a radical change to the Constitution based rule of law this nation lives (used too) under. These are all seeds being planted by the globalists to bring peoples mind to the thought that a change in government is needed, a change to its very structure.

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Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims by Her Purity

WEB Notes: They will come up with anything to make Christianity appear bad or hurtful to someone. This is one of the worse attempts yet.

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CDC Report Shows Abortion Rates Falling, But At Least 600,000 Babies Still Killed Each Year – Video

WEB Notes: Everyone should take a couple minutes and watch this animated video of this now former abortionists explanation of the procedure. This is graphic even in animated form, but maybe it will help you or someone you know with a very important life decision.

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Civilians return to ‘normal’ life in liberated, ruined E. Aleppo – Video

Nebraska’s Discriminatory Justice System Has Left 10% of State’s Children with a Parent in “Debtors’ Prison”

Fees and penalties in Nebraska’s judicial system have created “modern-day debtors’ prisons” so ruthless they have left 10 percent of the state’s children with a parent in jail, the ACLU says in a new report.

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China central bank presses banks to help with funds after interbank lending freezes

China’s central bank stepped in to urge major commercial banks to lend to non-bank financial institutions on Thursday afternoon after many suspended interbank operations amid tight liquidity conditions, Caixin reported on late on Thursday.

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Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars

WEB Notes: I suppose this must be “fake news” as the “official” unemployment numbers tell us everyone is working and the air smells likes roses.

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Obamacare subsidies increase by $10 billion as costs spiral out of control

Taxpayers will dole out nearly $10 billion more next year to help people buy Obamacare health care plans through the insurance exchanges, according to a study released Thursday that highlighted the spiraling costs of President Obama’s signature achievement.

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