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America’s second prison system

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WEB Notes: It should not be called “school time”, but “indoctrination time”. Schools get paid per student, so we should understand when our children are not there the school system feels threatened and this is when they reach out to law enforcement. It is not your child’s education they are concerned with as much as the dollars they are missing out on. I would encourage everyone to look into home school opportunities. Even where “Core” education is taught you can opt out through home school programs. It is up to you to do the research and do what is best for your children. Home schooling programs also have physical buildings where your children can still attend a class of your choice a couple of times a week. You will find it is a very caring crowd, home school parents go to great lengths for their children.

Is there any greater evidence that America is a prison nation than the absurdity that is the public school system?

Federal and state tax dollars are doled out to school systems based on the number of children registered, so school system go to absurd lengths to ensure their rosters are filled with students, even using police power and the point of a gun.

There are many kids for whom traditional schooling holds no benefit. Yet, in big government fashion, rules are made to pigeonhole all kids into neat box. It does not matter that the kid may be round, he is hammered into the square hole. The child may be more inclined to pursue –and more adept at — a trade rather than book learning.

Beyond that, schools are used as state indoctrination centers. Today’s schools are little more than prisons or halfway houses. They teach state worship, egalitarianism, pseudo-history, incomprehensible and non-intuitive math concepts, faux civics and — as evidenced by the comments written on social media platforms and in media comment sections, including this one — no English grammar or spelling.

Source: America’s second prison system – Personal Liberty®

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