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Credit Scores Show U.S. Economy Is Recovering From Great Recession

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WEB Notes: Perfect now you can run out and finance more trash you do not need to begin with. You know, I keep hearing more and more people in personal social conversations say they will never be able to retire. I have never heard this kind of talk until the last 5-10 years or so and find it real sad. Folks a generation older than me even say this. I certainly do not believe it is all their fault either. The cost of living is extremely high today, most people do not have a job that gives them a pension when they retire as the days of old did. If you were are part of that generation count yourself blessed. Many of us do not have that, nor will we ever see a social security check though we pay into it. Spend your money wisely and save for the days ahead when you will grow gray.

Americans credit scores notched a record high this spring in conjunction with a decline in the share of U.S. consumers that are deemed to be high-risk borrower, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The average credit score hit 700 in April, marking the highest national credit score average since 2005. The number of consumers deemed to be the riskiest borrowers — those with a credit score below 600 — comprise just 20 percent of borrowers, down from 25.5 percent in 2010.

Source: Credit Scores Show U.S. Economy Is Recovering From Great Recession | The Daily Caller

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