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Missouri Superintendent Placed on Leave for Praying at High School Graduation

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WEB Notes: Where are the Christians? Where are you? Are there no more Christians in Missouri, the so called Bible belt? Where is your back bone? Companies can support and display the homosexual movement, LBGT can be celebrated by all, but this man cannot say a prayer at a school graduation? He is “suspended” for it? Where is the outrage from the Christian community? Can you not stand for your Father and make some noise? Is it a bit too much work for you? You have social media networks, neighbors, churches and friends. You children have friends at this school get other parents numbers and see what they think about this and protest the school. Remove your children from it. If you cannot stand for this, something this small, how do you think that makes your Father feel? Every time we, the Christian lose one of these battles, we lose more group to the sinful nature of this world. Do not be one of those people who complains how bad the world is and then never do anything about it.

A Missouri superintendent who already planned on retiring at the end of his contract has been suspended for leading parents in a prayer of blessing over their children at a recent high school graduation.

According to reports, the Willard School Board, voted to place Superintendent Kent Medlin on a paid leave of absence until his contract expires at the end of this month.

“The leave will continue through June 30, 2017 when Dr. Medlin’s contract expires,” it said in a statement. “The board’s action was based upon the board’s belief that Dr. Medlin’s high school commencement speech violated Board of Education policies regarding prayer at school-sponsored events.”

Source: Missouri Superintendent Placed on Leave for Praying at High School Graduation | Christian News Network

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