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Date: August 24, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 116:1-2

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Washington Post Defends Satan, Blames Christians for Racism, Violence

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road – Flickr

WEB Notes: I am starting to feel like we are walking down the yellow brick road. You never know what is going to pop out along the way. Now we have a Satanist who blames Christians. If I recall “Lucien Greaves” a made up name was or is an atheist. Big side shows going on here folks. Big side shows. So what is really going on…

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After “Intimate” Pat-Down Charlotte Woman Questions TSA Pat-Down

WEB Notes: You see, people really only pay attention when something affects them directly, otherwise to heck with it. ‘It is happening to someone else why do I care?’ Because one day it will happen to you and your fellow citizens are being violated, that is why you should care and pay attention…

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UN Racism Committee Issues ‘Warning’ Over US Tensions

WEB Notes: This is great! The UN has a racism committee! Right when we thought it could not become anymore comical it does and the best part about this news… The US is by far the biggest supporter, financially and/or otherwise of the UN. You know the same UN Trump said was a joke and he wanted to get us out of. Yeah that UN. So it turns out the joke is on him and the so called leaders of this nation…

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Vast Number Of Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck

WEB Notes: Do you see how the mainstream media operates? Keep repeating the lie that unemployment is at record lows and the people will believe it. Bam, done!…

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Sears To Close Another 28 Kmart Stores As Retailer Seeks Stability

WEB Notes: These stores have been hurting for years. I really do not feel this is economically related in the sense of the economy as a whole. We do have a big shift to online retailers, but Sears and Kmart… Who even shops there? In my travels the stores have been old and dated and not very clean. Is it any wonder they are going away?

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Wall Street Banks Warn Downturn Is Coming

WEB Notes: Doom, fear and horror. Now as a Christian who has read the Word and has understanding this type of news does not phase you right? Of course. You have read the Word and you understand how the end times are going to go down. On another level our manipulated world will never see all positive gains, we are going to go up and then she is going to come down. Over and over again and the big boys will profit handsomely. So relax, everything is just fine, none of this is a shock to us should this happen.

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Students Suspended, Expelled For Playing ‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ Beer Pong Off Campus

WEB Notes: Free speech? Personal liberty? Not in America in the year 2017. Maybe it is not your game of choice, but these guys were off-campus on their own time. No one has a right to expel them because of this. When people start telling you what is right and wrong you should not only question it, you shout it down. We already have the Bible and something called the Constitution. Continually we see it whittled down and told it is racist. Stop being politically correct. If someone has a bunch of you know what coming out of their mouth, shut them down. Call it for what it is. Calling something racist is done in order to silence you or some group of people. No one wants to be called a racist so those being called racist will tend to stand down. Do not do that, you present the facts. Facts are facts.

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Enormous Near-Earth Asteroid ‘Florence’ Will Safely Fly By Earth Sept. 1

An asteroid named Florence that will safely sweep past Earth on Sept. 1 is the largest object to give our planet a close shave since NASA began tracking these types of near-Earth asteroids, an agency official said.

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Netanyahu To Putin: Iran Must Withdraw From Syria Or Israel Will ‘Defend Itself’

WEB Notes: Of course, this is what they like to call a “pre-emptive war” which is code for starting a war and then blaming your enemy for starting the war. Israel is a lame duck. Without US support they will not start a full fledged war unless the US is involved in some manner. If it were not for US support, they would not even have a country to begin with.

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Iran Caught Shipping Soldiers To Syria On Commercial Flight In Violation Of Nuke Deal

WEB Notes: They violated the nuclear deal by sending soldiers to Syria. Now that fits perfectly in with the agenda being laid out to say Iran is non compliant even though they are compliant later this year. You remember, Trump told us he was going to do that. How on earth does troop movement amount to a violation of a nuclear deal is beyond me. It does not need to make sense anyway, just come up with some reason and the people will believe it. We live in the time of strong delusion!

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How To Make An Immune-Boosting Echinacea Tincture To Ward Off Colds, Flu, And Other Ailments

WEB Notes: I cannot tell you how many times taking Echinacea Golden Seal and a bunch of Orange Juice helped me beat a cold at its first sign.

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