WEB Notes: Well how convenient is this? It is very convenient and simple to whip up headlines like this when the powers that be actually control the media. I mean you paint those guys in the colors of the enemy and the people will believe it. They will support your war and offer up their children to go fight it. We live in the modern age my friend where people believe anything on TV or in print, no matter how outlandish it is. ..

Now we are told North Korea and Iran are teaming up against the forces of the US. Reality TV has taken on a completely new meaning these days. It is a fact Iran is not working on nuclear weapons. That information has been posted on this site numerous times. It has been confirmed by the UN and US to boot. Of course, from Trump’s own mouth even though Iran is complying with the nuclear deal, he still plans to mark them as non-compliant. Now that is doing the bidding of Satan’s children big time. Hey have to keep the family proud I suppose.

Then we have North Korea. Famous for their isolation and bent missiles. I think that about gets it said.

North Korea’s provocative actions and belligerent rhetoric directed at the United States come at a time when the Stalinist regime is strengthening ties with another government hostile towards the U.S., building on decades of missile and nuclear program collaboration.

Pyongyang’s second most-senior leader, Kim Yong-nam, attended re-elected Iranian President Hasan Rouhani’s  inauguration ceremony at the weekend, and at meetings with senior Iranian officials the two regimes praised each other for standing up to the U.S.

North Korea also inaugurated a new embassy in Tehran. The Trump administration has been urging countries to downgrade or suspend their diplomatic ties with Pyongyang over its missile launches.

Source: North Korea Strengthening Ties With Iran: ‘Tehran and Pyongyang Have a Common Enemy’


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