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Date: October 22, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 15:23

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Trump Lets Air Force Recall 1K Retired Pilots

WEB Notes: This seems like a clear signal the United States is trying to get ready for some future conflict. Maybe they would have more pilots if we were not policing the world and inviting sin into the military. We can ask God to bless the military of this nation, but as a whole our Father is not going to do that when good men are losing their ranks over their refusal to support homosexual marriage. God does not support sin, period.

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US Sends Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bombs To Guam As North Korea Threat Looms

WEB Notes: That sounds like an awful lot of bombs and this is moving them closer to North Korea. If memory serves me right aircraft and other military hardware have been moved to South Korea recently as well.

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Divorce Following Multiple Affairs On The Rise As Flirty Texts Catch Adulterers Out

WEB Notes: A Christian man or woman has no business in this realm. When you decided to get married you made an oath before God to stay together. You need to remember that and try to work through whatever problems there are in the relationship….

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Air Force Punishes Colonel Who Refused To Affirm Gay Marriage, Attorney Says

WEB Notes: Remember, it used to be if you were homosexual you had to be quite about it in the US military. Now it is openly accepted, so much so in fact if you bat an eye at it you can lose your career as this Leland is looking at. This is extremely sad to see, standing up for God is now costing people things in life they have worked for all their life. This is certainly another sign as to where we are on our Father’s timeline.

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US Treasury Rates Hit 10-Year Highs 

US government bonds fell across the board on Friday. Yields rose and set a number of 10-year highs, in some cases ten years to the day.

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