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Date: November 8, 2017

Friday: The Timeline Of The Tribulation: Chapter 7 – The Silence In Heaven and The Two Witnesses

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Bible Verse of the Day: Joshua 24:15

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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NATO Wants Europe’s Civilian Infrastructure Ready For War

WEB Notes: Remember that whole national police force Obama talked about? Yeah, it comes in many flavors, shapes and sizes.

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Tax Cuts Will Balloon US Debt To 120% Of GDP, But Boost To Economy Will Be “Short-Lived”

WEB Notes: Common sense. Tax cut, plus record spending equals more debt. So far I am not seeing a lot of cuts, let us watch to see what they come up with.

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Transgender Woman Makes History In Virginia House Seat Win

WEB Notes: In a few more years it will be someone who wants to marry a dog or maybe your underaged child. We live in a warped world. There has been several news articles saying transgenders are reversing their sex change operations. This is not normal behavior and should not be encouraged as is being done in our nation. This does not make our Father happy or “proud“.

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Lab-Grown Insects Approved By EPA To Kill Mosquitoes

WEB Notes: Whatever could go wrong?

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Facebook’s Testing A New Method To Prevent Revenge Porn That Requires Uploading Your Nudes

WEB Notes: Can you believe this? This sounds like some scam a perv would come up with. I think Monday nailed it in QA this week. Facebook says, send us your nude photos so we can make sure they are blocked from being distributed online. Exactly what kind of world are we living in these days? Do not answer that…

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Target To Close A Dozen Underperforming Stores

WEB Notes: Does this have anything to do with the boycotting? Probably not. I say that as I really do not know anyone who is boycotting them. We do, but some people just cannot resist a “deal” I guess.

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Illegal Immigrant Shoots At Texas Interstate Drivers – Seven-Year-Old Girl Hit in the Head

Illegal alien Rolando Martinez was arrested Saturday after a late night shooting spree.

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