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Date: December 10, 2017

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Angers Palestinian Leadership More Than The Man On The Street

WEB Notes: The headline of this article really sums up what we have seen so far. We have seen some violence, but there has always been violence in this region of the world. In other parts of the world we have seen some violence as well over this decision by the US President. All in all we are simply witnessing another stage, another precedent being set with respect to end times prophecy. We have more to say on this, but will hold that for a future article.

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Modern Day Witches Call Theirs ‘A Beautiful Way Of Life’

WEB Notes: What a bunch of fruit cakes. Some people become so empty in life they seek after fables, boy I have seen some of this first hand and it is real sad…

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Warrantless Surveillance Can Continue Even If Law Expires, Officials Say

WEB Notes: What is the law anyway? Just a dusty ol rule book the Federal Government does not need to follow apparently. You on the other hand, you pay your taxes or the government will fine you to no end.

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