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Trump Denies Making ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Comment

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WEB Notes: He denied it of course, but it certainly sounds like something he would say. He is right in concept though. You cannot go importing people from the worst nations in the earth and expect your own country to be prosperous. Let us all be honest with ourselves here. Immigration as we have said over and over again must be controlled.

Edit: Foul language quote removed.

President Donald Trump on Friday denied describing certain nations as “sh*thole countries” during a meeting in which he rejected a bipartisan deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made – a big setback for DACA!” Trump tweeted.

Source: Trump denies making ‘sh*thole countries’ comment – CNNPolitics

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  1. oops had to delete this, it was norway who did the tweets

  2. Flashback: Obama called the African nations s***holes in April 2016. Where was the uproar then?
    Thanks, Brandon

    • did he say it on camera???

      • Negative from all the reports I went through.

        • We are hearing today Trump did not use this phrase either. CNN Jake Tapper Admits Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Statement Was
          Twisted by Fake News Reporters

          Obama clarification he only specified one country:
          The Atlantic April 2016 issue
          The Obama Doctrine
          The president [Obama] did not understand how “Don’t do stupid sh*t” could be considered a controversial slogan… Mess is the president’s diplomatic term; privately, he calls Libya a “sh*t show,” in part because it’s subsequently become an isis haven—one that he has already targeted with air strikes. It became a sh*t show.

          Sorry, Did not find any video.

          EDIT: Removed bad language – Admin

  3. to me what’s disturbing, is how many hot-house lilies freak-out over the use of the term. I mean, really? This sounded like something my dad would have said, and they are the same age. And the “stretching” of “countries” to some race or people, by the left, was even more disturbing. hankie anyone?

    • I don’t think it’s something a President should say publically. Good thing is, he didn’t. If he said it behind closed doors so what? He was making a valid point.

      People are putting on phony acts here. I think most of us have a slip of the tongue from time to time. The point is we need controlled immigration, but even Trump is not willing to do that and truly it is far out of his hands. Our leaders are controlled and manipulated.

      • Yes. I know sometimes I have a sailor mouth, but not in public nor to weak minded. I find, for me and due to my non-fancy vocabulary, and if I want to make a strong point, gotta say, I do use some pretty stark words now and then to get my point across. But heck, I grew up in the 60s, CA, and was never a hot-house lily. Just a little more tame now.

  4. I am afraid that it will never ever be controlled again, hasn’t been for years and it will just get worse as time goes on. they come here illegally and then protest over being deported and what ever else they want to protest, yet nothing is done to stop it and our government knows it.

    • Right and that is the real sad part. Even more heart breaking to the older generation.

    • Ever wonder how many of those 94 million unemployed Americans that can’t find work that have been displaced by illegals?? 40 million, 60million 90million. this is a question no one wants an answer to and it’s all by design, planned very thoroughly, When i protested the Viet nam war in the 60’s and 70’s i wasn’t alone common people coming together for a common cause to stop an unjust war, the difference then we didn’t get paid to protest, we believed in what we were doing out of principle and moral judgment, when the multitude stands up and gives a shout, government has no choice but to obey the people, today they control the narrative and the protest of the people by paying them, thence they are in control of the action of the protesters to the outcome they desire. This is how i see it Gwen, the American people have the backbone of a jellyfish, but this again is by design

      • But Richard, “those are jobs Americans did not want to do”. Remember that line?

        Good commentary here by the way.

        • Thank you for the comment Brandon. Yes and they still use it, as if they choose that way of life, so it’s their fault they are homeless, nothing to do with anything else, yep lazy good for nothing people liven off us taxpayers they will talk about the shooting the drug use and never talk about why they are homeless . That’s the narrative and yet corporate warehouses all across this nation are filled with working illegals.
          you and i know if they raided these places instead of the poultry 7-11 joke it would create a vacuum in these warehouses and homeless camps would disappear.

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