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Walmart Suddenly Shutters Numerous Sam’s Clubs Without Notice, 11,000 Jobs Impacted, Chaos Breaks Out On Twitter

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Numerous local radio stations in various cities across the US reported that Sam’s Club is permanently closing stores in their cities, and without announcement. In a number of cases, employees showed up to work this morning and found the doors locked and a notice saying that the store would be closed.

KHOU in Houston, Texas, alerted by locked-out employees and customers, said that of the 10 stores in the area, two had voice mail messages which said that the stores are closed. It was also checking into rumors of a third store being shuttered in the Houston area.

Source: Walmart Suddenly Shutters Numerous Sam’s Clubs without Notice, 11,000 Jobs Impacted, Chaos Breaks out on Twitter | Wolf Street

Walmart to shutter some of its Sam’s Club locations from CNBC.

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  1. Another thing to think about, there are suspicions large stores like Walmart are being prepared to house thousands of people interned in FEMA camp type situations. There are pictures of several that have been closed and surrounded with barbwire fencing with the barbs facing inward to keep people in instead of keeping them out. Some have UN vehicles stored there. Closing a couple hundred would open up a lot of room for a lot of people.

    No one really knows if those places are really intended to be used for that, but it is something to keep in mind and watch for. If it is true and they are getting hundreds of facilities ready, then maybe they plan to use them in the near future. I don’t think 2018 is going to be the last year, to much prophecy left to be fulfilled, but I think it will be a banner year. I know the kenites plan to kill about seven billion people and I know that is not God’s plan, but they will continue on with their plan until the deadly wound stops them and their father returns and stabs them in the back by letting everyone live. Bummer for them, must be terrible to be a kenite. If they don’t have daddy issues now they will before long.

    • Wow! Hank! I’m impressed with what you see going on out their behind the scenes! Footage of citizens documenting for all to see! I’ve seen the U.N./ FEMA train loads and all myself! What is it all for? We shall see! Good eyes watch!??

  2. In all eventual sight! Then comes the deadly wound! Preparation, preparation!????!!!

  3. yep….closing the one in Fairbanks, AK–darn. I was so happy when that one came to town. But, now we (they) do have a Walmart, which came much later. Hopefully, with the opening of ANWR, jobs will open, but there will be slag time. Perhaps COSTCO will come in.

  4. yes, and the future of america is looking up, lots of jobs! boy who would believe that the economy is doing very well! more and more jobs going to meixco/ or just plain shutting down. as usual no end in site. what happen to all those bonuses that company’s were giving people. all smoke and mirrors. normally they tell you, so this is not the normal thing, is this going to be a going trend? where they just shut doors and you find out when you get there?

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