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Israel Launches Heavy Strikes In Syria After F-16 Downed

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WEB Notes: The details are in this post. Iran is saying they did not send a drone into Israel. It makes little sense for them to do so, what do they have to gain? Not a whole lot. Regardless, Israel did in fact attack more Syrian and Iranian positions within Syria…

This is no secret and has been going on for years with major escalations in the last 2 years. It is extremely unlikely Israel will ever take major steps on their own against Syria and Iran. They always allow their big brother, the USA to take care of their business.

The chain of events on Saturday began at 4.30 a.m. when an Israeli Apache helicopter shot down an Iranian drone over the northern town of Beit Shean, the Israeli military said.

The drone had been sighted taking off from a base in Syria, and was intercepted after it crossed into Israeli territory, said Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman.

Israeli planes, including at least eight jets, then struck an Iranian installation in Syria which the Israeli military said operated the unmanned aircraft.

One of those planes, a U.S.-made F-16, crashed on its return from that mission, landing in an empty field near Harduf, east of Haifa, in northern Israel.

Both pilots ejected over Israeli territory and were injured, one of them critically. The Israeli military said that early assessments showed it was hit by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, but could not immediately confirm that.

Air raid sirens sounded in the early morning of the Jewish sabbath in northern Israel and flights at Tel Aviv’s international airport were briefly halted. The frontier fell quiet by mid-afternoon.

Iran rejected the Israeli version of events as “ridiculous”. The pro-Assad military alliance denied that any of its drones entered Israeli air space.

David Ivry, a former Israeli Air Force chief, told Reuters he believed it was the first time an Israeli F-16 was brought down since Israel began using the jets in the 1980s.

Israel, which also operates drones, has long maintained air superiority in the region. It mounts air strikes in Syria on a regular basis, striking suspected weapons shipments to Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militant group.

Source: Israel Launches Heavy Syria Strikes After F-16 Crashes

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  1. and right on the heels of Pres talking with kissy Kissinger, wasn’t it?

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