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Date: March 9, 2018 (page 1 of 2)

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Rwanda: Six Pastors Arrested Following Shutdown Of 700 Churches

WEB Notes: The churches have been closed by the government due to health issues for the most part. Now did 700 churches all violate health standards at the sametime? I doubt it. I think more than likely these people are facing persecution for being a follower of Christ. How about we all say a prayer for these gentlemen and the flocks they are tending.

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Trump Agrees To Meet With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

WEB Notes: A far cry to the words they recently spoke about destroying North Korea and no time for words. This is good news. If peace is made here, that would remove one of the final nations that buck the globalist trend. Next we have Iran and Syria and a few other smaller fish. What does this all mean with relation to the Bible? Read: The Timeline of the Tribulation

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US Credit Card Debt Tops $1 Trillion For The First Time

WEB Notes:One article says we are rich, the next says we are broke. Which is it? It depends on what “class” of people you are talking about. If you are the bottom 99%, you probably fall in here.

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U.S. Household Net Worth Pushes Further Into Record Territory

WEB Notes: Articles like this crack me up. One article says we are rich and one says we are broke. Which is it folks? I notice this one says due to the rising stock market. How many of you folks actually have stocks? No need to answer that, but I know most everyday folks do not trade that much. So is this number really blanketed by the 1%?

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Government Accountability Office: American Taxpayers Gave $1.5 Billion to Abortion Providers

WEB Notes: How does that make you feel? $1.5 billion dollars. Most of us cannot even fathom that kind of money. Yet, it left our pocket and entered the pockets of organizations who are committing to murdering the unborn…

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University OKs Guns on Campus… 6 Months Later the Results Are Breathtaking

WEB Notes: The article tells us crime decreased by 13%. Why do you think that is? Because you do not know who has a firearm and who does not! It keeps the “honest” people honest as they say. You are not going to come and take my wallet if you think I could be packing a firearm to send you back to the Father. Now if I held a sign that said, “defenseless” that would be quite another story.

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February Jobs Report Comes in Huge: 313,000 Jobs Added

WEB Notes: How much of this was a seasonal change? Unless we do research we probably will not know for sure. The job participation rate now stands at 60.4% of the population. Of course, that means 39.6% of the working-age population is not working, yet they tell us the unemployment rate is 4.1%. Canda’s numbers have gone up as well.

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Canada’s Jobless Rate Returns to a Four-Decade Low

Canada’s unemployment rate returned to the lowest in four decades in February as hiring posted a modest rebound.

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TSA Expands Body Scanner Searches to NYC, L.A. Train Stations

WEB Notes: You know what is even more disturbing than this article? A population who does not mind.

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Marine Corps Commandant: ‘Less Than 30% of Young Men and Women’ Qualified to Join Military

WEB Notes: I never like to point to just one thing and say, yup, that right there is why this or that. However… I do feel the technology age has brought about much laziness. Just over 8 years ago in our former residence, we lived in a subdivision and I never saw kids, well, twice a day. When school was beginning and ending you could see them walking to and from. Other than that, I rarely saw a child outside playing. Riding you know those two-wheeled contraptions called bikes…

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11 Countries Sign TPP Plan Amid Donald Trump Tariffs

WEB Notes: The world comes together and Trump divides. That is how the globalists will play this one. It is interesting to see how rapidly our world is changing.

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