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Date: March 21, 2018

Friday: The Timeline Of The Tribulation: Chapter 8 – The Epic Battle Of The Saints & Notes

YouTube Suspends Gun Manufacturer, Bans Instructional Gun Videos

WEB Notes: This is absolutely absurd. These platforms are supposed to support the free flow of information, not their beleifs. This is a very disturbing trend, the people are being conditioned each and every day and do not realize it. The youth growing up in this world, will never know what the former world was like, this will be considered “normal” to them.

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UN’s Radical Agenda Pushes Sex, LGBT Education Starting In Kindergarten

WEB Notes: This shows you the degree of perversion in our time. It is disturbing enough for one who is a man to have a desire to be a woman and then push that ideology on the adult population. It is quite another to push that same distorted ideology onto our young children. God is not pleased.

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The World Is Descending Into Tyranny

WEB Notes: We are not so different in this nation. We as a people elected a President we did not want to begin with. Further, we never had a real choice to begin with. We discussed this subject in depth in an article titled, “The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box“.

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TSA Denies Accessing Data On Electronic Devices Carried By Domestic Airline Passengers

WEB Notes: The facts are simple. You data is being scanned, logged and collected on a daily basis. That is just a fact of life whether it is the TSA or some other entity. We all recall the NSA spy program… In recent weeks it has been Google, Facebook and now the TSA.

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10 Common Arguments For Gun Control, Debunked

WEB Notes: Visit the source for the full list.

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Then Why Is Anyone STILL on Facebook?

WEB Notes: To answer Wolf’s question… Unfortunatly, I think a lot of people just do not care. In our society it is now “normal” to have someone else in your private space (think TSA), within your private information (think NSA spy program) and the list goes on.

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Austin Bomber Kills Himself With Explosive Device

A suspect in a wave of bombing attacks in Austin killed himself inside his car with an explosive device early Wednesday as authorities closed in, police said.

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Bayer Clears EU Hurdle for Monsanto Deal With BASF Sale

Bayer AG cleared one big hurdle for its $66 billion takeover of Monsanto, winning European Union approval for the deal after agreeing to bolster BASF SE by selling it seeds, pesticides and digital agriculture technology.

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U.S. Bans Use Of Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency As A ‘Scam Supporting Dictatorship’

WEB Notes: It is always the other nations who are the dictators, despite the fact that US Presidents have been signing illegal executive orders for years…

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Dozens Of ‘Christian’ Faith Leaders Sign Letter Supporting ‘Right To…Abortion’

WEB Notes: What a sad state of affairs we are in when the Christian leadership goes this far astray.

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