WEB Notes: $60 million bucks for a five-minute mini-war. Did you have a say in it? Did you agree to it? I suppose that is a drop in the bucket when compared to the trillions that have been spent over the years fighting (supporting) terrorism

The strike that was just unleashed on Syria makes no logical sense whatsoever. Everyone is questioning it. With the added heat on the US President over the “Russian Probe” it makes you wonder if this was an attempt at cover… It certainly would not be the first time a US President did something like this.

That entire “probe” has gotten way out of hand, which is why we do not cover the issue much on our site.

It could cost about $60 million to replace the cruise missiles that the U.S. military rained on Syrian targets Thursday night.

Each Tomahawk missile, made by Raytheon Co. RTN, +0.45% likely cost $1 million, according to experts.

The U.S. used 59 of them on a Syrian air base in response to the Syrian government’s chemical-weapons attack that killed scores of civilians earlier this week.

Raytheon referred questions around costs to the U.S. Navy’s unmanned aviation and strike weapons program, which did not immediately return a request for comment.

Source: Here’s how much it costs to replace the 59 Tomahawk missiles Trump fired on Syria – MarketWatch


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