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Date: May 27, 2018

Transgender People Encouraged To Become Priests In Church Of England Diversity Drive

WEB Notes: A diversity drive in the House of God. Does this sound right to you? Does it sound logical to you?…

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The TSA Will Get Friendly With Your Thigh Even If It Did Nothing Wrong

WEB Notes: You should already know how we feel about this topic. No one has the right to feel you and your family up like this. If you think it is okay, because they wear a government badge you have been conditioned. Reference the Fourth Amendment, that is your right to be free from these types of searches. Where o’ where did our freedoms go?

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US Aircraft Carrier Was Stalked For Days By A UFO Traveling At ‘Ballistic Missile Speed’

WEB Notes: This is not a new report, but supposedly additional details of the report from last year. You may remember an article titled, “US Government Admits To UFO Program, Recovered Materials From Unidentified Flying Object It ‘Does Not Recognise’“…

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Kim Reaffirms Korean Denuclearization Push, Looks Forward to Trump Meeting, Moon Says

WEB Notes: Another article states the North Korean leader has already started dismantling their test nuclear facility.

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White House Underestimated New Debt In Trump Budget By $2.3 Trillion

WEB Notes: They all should be fired. How can you underestimate a budget by 2.3 trillion dollars? This is just plain rediculous. Your children could have created a budget and not made such an “error”. I do not believe this is an error at all. This was done on purpose to sneak more funds through, no one is stupid enough to make this grave of an error. Fire them all.

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