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Elon Musk: Free Cash Handouts ‘Will Be Necessary’ If Robots Take Humans’ Jobs

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WEB Notes: Why does the mainstream media always repeat the news and act like it is the first time it is being reported? Elon has said this more times than I can count, so the idea here is to condition the public to the thought of free cash handouts. They keep telling you how low unemployment is, but we know there are at least 95 million working-age men and woman in this nation not working…

If you travel around, there certainly is a lot of construction going on in this nation. No doubt about it. The question comes to my mind, where did the workers come from…

The United States or Mexico?

While we may have a lot of construction projects, the labor for these jobs continues to go lower and lower. We have an unfair game playing out here. Illegal people to a large degree who will work for pennies will always beat out a natural citizen who demands a decent wage.

Between jobs being given to illegals and robots, there certainly will be more welfare type programs in the future.

Billionaire tech titan Elon Musk has been tweeting quite a lot of late — about everything from his philosophical mentors (Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov) to his political leanings (he’s a socialist).

But nearly lost in a flurry of tweets, Musk now says that universal basic income (UBI) — essentially, free cash handouts — “will be necessary over time if AI [artificial intelligence] takes over most human jobs.”

Source: Elon Musk: Automated jobs could make UBI cash handouts ‘necessary’

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  1. I read a much stylised article in our local newspaper about China’s Belt and Road Initiative…. that’s going to pave the way for current mass unemployment in whichever country they are meshing themselves into or across:
    Many of our top industries have taken their business off shore and we cannot compete financially against countries like China (who own much of our infrastructure and a good proportion of our housing). It’s very interesting to watch the world order coming to plan in all its subtleties.

  2. I enjoyed the little that I read from ‘philosophers’ like Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov was a favourite but even when I was younger and not Spiritually woken up I would get so physically nauseous even touching the books let alone reading them that I couldn’t consume the information. I even tried watching Red Dwarf and got about 15 minutes in and felt so sick it laid me out for a weekend day, so I didn’t go near it again. So for someone who works in the scientific arena I have very little of that sci fi/philosophy exposure. I love God so much, he’s so Good to us in the ways He protects us.

  3. well they sure are not going to give it to the 7 billion people on this earth, now are they? more control of everything, so what happens to the people who don’t get it, well you better have God in your life, because you won’t be able to survive without our Father.

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