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1.5 Billion People Confined To Homes Globally To Curb Virus

WEB Notes: Did you ever think you would read a headline like that? We are living in a horror movie right now. The problem with the scenario…

Millions of people are not dying around the globe.

No, in fact, less people have died around the world from Coronavirus than have died in the United States from the seasonal flu, (see: The Coronavirus Fiasco).

We have a power play going on folks. Use your mind to think for yourself, and then ask God to help you with the rest.

On another note, Trump has said millions of lives are being saved. That is simply not true.


Millions of lives were never in danger. The Coronavirus has been among us for a very, very long time. Lysol knows about it, it’s on their label, (see: My Lysol Kills Coronavirus).

So instead of letting this well known virus run its course like the seasonal flu does every year… World leaders, all in unison decided to shut down the world. The ramifications are going to be extremely unpleasant.

Further, how many have died or will die from heart attacks as they watch their finances disappear. Money and investments they worked for their entire life. No, we are not saving lives, but ruining them.

Close to one billion people worldwide were confined to their homes on Saturday as the global coronavirus death toll shot past 11,000 and US states rolled out lockdown measures already imposed across swathes of Europe.

The pandemic has completely upended lives across the planet, restricting movement, shutting schools and forcing millions to work from home.

Source: Over 1.5 billion globally asked to stay home to escape virus


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