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Trump Says He Would Support Government Taking Stake In Certain Companies

WEB Notes: Who would have guessed Trump was a socialist deep inside. “Well Brandon, we have to do it, it’s a national crisis”

Ahh yes, a manufactured national crisis, (see: Coronavirus Kill Rate Will Surprise You). Now the world needs to be bailed out again. The companies need bailed out again. I saw this once before. You can bet your bottom dollar your socialist President will not bail out your mom and pop business, sorry, your company is just not big enough. Only the big boys are allowed that bailout money.

So here we are, socialist policies are being implemented by a supposed conservative President.

It gets uglier,

“The Trump administration is asking state labor officials to delay releasing the precise number of unemployment claims. The Labor Department instructed state officials to only provide information using generalities to describe claims levels”

Yes, let’s panic the people to death, but hide the unemployment numbers. Now that is being honest with the American people.

You know friends, the President changed his tune really quick on this whole coronavirus thing. One minute he was more in our camp, this virus was being overblown is what he tweeted, we talked about that. Days later he declared a national emergency. So you have to ask, who is whispering in his ear? Maybe family members huh?

President Donald Trump on Thursday opened the door to a radical shift in the U.S. government’s relationship to private industry as the coronavirus outbreak upends the nation’s economy, saying he would back the government taking stakes in certain companies.

Asked if he supported the federal government moving to take an equity stake in some companies, Trump said: “I do. I really do.”

Source: Trump says he would support government taking stake in certain companies – Reuters


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