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ISIS Proxy Army of the West Attacks Iran

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Who funds ISIS and why do they always attack the people when they are being attacked by the governments of the world? Why did ISIS attack the Iranian government instead of the people as they do in the West? Join us for this timely discussion of world events.

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  1. Brandon, we can we expect the next chapter of the timeline?

  2. When you consider it, a proxy army makes perfect sense because the ones behind all of this, the Kenites, have always operated by proxy. Did they literally kill our Lord Jesus Christ? No, the Romans did. But without the K’s influence, the Romans wouldn’t have touched Christ. There are a thousand other examples I could give, but you all know them. Nothing new under the sun. I’m grateful to Brandon and others who shine a light on those who hide behind the scenes controlling things. And Brandon, I’d never really noticed your bookshelf. I keep my Strong’s Concordance, Companion Bible, and Smith’s Bible Dictionary together as well, sometimes in different order.

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