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It’s Time For The United States To Stop Funding National Security For The World

WEB Notes: We were just talking about this subject on a broader level. In this piece the author dives into Germany. Once again, there is no reason why the US so many military bases across the globe… The only reason is to continue the global agenda of one worldism. Some see that, some do not. Read the article from the source. Your eyes will be enlightened by the economic numbers of Germany.

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The Cashless Society Is A Con – And Big Finance Is Behind It

WEB Notes: I agree with the author here to a degree. But always keep a level head, always try to see both sides of the argument and then make a rational decision, NOT based on emotion or what you would like to believe

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Food-Stamp Use Is Still at Recession-Era Levels Despite Job Gains

WEB Notes: And the Trumpites will claim Trump did this all by his lonesome. Little do they recall the former communist in chief, I mean commander in chief Obama already had the numbers coming down. Boy that is not a popular statement, but it is a fact. We recently discussed the job numbers and brought this to light as well. Do not be one of those people who puts their head in the sand and only listens to party politics. Both of the parties are corrupt and they do not have your best interest at heart. If they did, our nation would not be where it is today…

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Splitting Up California: State Supreme Court Takes Initiative Off Ballot

WEB Notes: And that is how it works in the once great nation of the United States. Do not go pinning this all on California. It happens in our country all the time. Certainly, you all remember the Supreme Court bringing us homosexual marriage on a national level. Back to the story here…

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The Gaying Of Fox News

WEB Notes: We are hit from every angle with perversion and told ‘it is cool’. Our Father does not think it is cool. Our Father finds fault with it. I would put my faith in our Father over man any day of the week. Society has a way of embracing what it is told is the popular thing to do. Typically, that goes against the standards set by our Father. A lot of “conservative” people watch Fox News. Make sure your brainwashing does not escalate things like this.

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Donald Trump Says He Holds Vladimir Putin Responsible For Election Hacking In CBS News Interview

WEB Notes: Trump.

  • ‘My intelligence officials said Putin did it, but Putin said he did not. So I believe him’
  • ‘Putin is responsible’…

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Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Christian Cross Mountain Clouds

We will publish our latest edition of “Bible Question and Answer” on Friday and we invite you to participate by submitting your question and joining the discussion. Your questions can be Biblical in nature or concern world events and life in general. We will also address questions or comments about our Bible studies in this forum. You may submit your question by clicking the “Bible Q&A” link at the top of our site.

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The Pentagon Wants to Bring Mind-Controlled Tech To Troops

WEB Notes: I wish this was some sick joke, but it is our reality. The more we bring man and machine together, the more we lose our humanity. As if killing people was humain. Look, we all have the right to self-defense okay. I am talking about this endless war on terrorism. It is not a war on terrorism, but a war against the nations who will not conform to the global agenda. The agenda to bring forward a new world order, a true new world order. When this becomes a reality it will be the completion of the sixth kingdom spoken of in the book of Revelation.
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The Great Dollar Dump: Russia Liquidates US Treasury Holdings

WEB Notes: So Russia is not so convinced all those dollars have the “full faith and credit” of the US government. Afterall, the US is bankrupt, that is just a fact of life at this point, unfortunately.

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US Embassy In Jerusalem To Cost More Than $21 Million, Nearly 100 Times President Trump’s Estimate

WEB Notes: Well hey, come on, Trump said it would only cost $250,000, now we come to find out the price tag is over $21 million and rising. Trump’s son in law has “lineage” from that nation, so that must make it okay.

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Financial Stocks Are Giving Us A ‘Warning Sign’

WEB Notes: In the last few editions of our daily newsletter these have been the headlines…

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Google Vs EU: Europe Hits Alphabet With Big Android Antitrust Fine

WEB Notes: I cracked up in the third paragraph. For the “old timers,” remember back in the 90s when Microsoft got in trouble for pushing their Internet Explorer web browser over, wait for it… Netscape!…

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