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Survey: Millennials, Gen Z Adults Prefer Texting Over Talking In Person

WEB Notes: It all depends on what the purpose of the communication is for. Sometimes all you want and need is a quick reply not a droning phone call. However, texting can be habit forming. No you do not need to consult with your doctor. Just consider placing a call to your family or friend instead of texting all of the time. With text you definitely lose a connection and the personal touch. Just like anything else, too much of one thing is bad for you.

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Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody’s Counting

WEB Notes: How smart is your phone if it is a part of the reason you or someone else dies? Put the phones down, they can wait.

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AI Implants Will Allow Us To Control Our Homes With Our Thoughts Within 20 Years, Government Report Claims

WEB Notes: This goes far beyond controlling your home. They are talking about implantable machines that would help repair the body.  They had a comedy based on this concept back in the 80s called, “Innerspace”.

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Google Clips Automatically Identifies Everyone Including Your Pets

WEB Notes: Technology is becoming more amazing by the day, but at what cost?

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More Than 70% Of U.S. Fears Robots Taking Over Our Lives, Survey Finds

WEB Notes: Robots and automation are becoming more common place. Amazon has factories with robots that work instead of people. We have “tele-medicine” where a robot comes to your bedside and a doctor talks to you through it on screen. There are many different ways this is all taking place. In the end it means less jobs for everyone and that is apparent by so much discussion about a universal basic income.

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How To Fund A Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes Or Inflation

WEB Notes: I do not know how many times this topic has been covered this year at this point. We continue to hear about it due to jobs drying up due to automation.

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One Third Of Smartphone Notifications Make Our Mood Worse, Research Shows 

WEB Notes: I would encourage you to turn off your alerts unless you need them for your place of employment. Alerts break your focus and keep people in this never ending cycle of checking their phone for the next alert all for what?

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Worldwide Airport Chaos After Computer Check-In Systems Crash

Air passengers are suffering major disruption at airports around the world after computer check-in systems crashed.

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3,000 Swedish Commuters Using Microchips As Travel Cards

WEB Notes: A classic example of technology going too far in my opinion. No, this is not the Mark of the Beast. Do not be a panic Christian, be a Christian that uses common sense and God’s Word and your brain to understand the Bible.

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Hawaii Becomes First U.S. State To Go Cashless For Marijuana Sales

WEB Notes: It does not need to be cashless to have a trail. We have had things known as “receipts” for years and years.

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Does Apple Face ID Make It Easier For Feds To Hack The iPhone X? Yes And No

WEB Notes: Wrong question though it is an important one too…

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Former Facebook Executive Says Google, Facebook Are ‘Surveillance States’ And Risk More Regulation

WEB Notes: Of course they are and there is evidence that suggests the CIA helped fund Google. People poor their hearts and lives into Facebook and other social media sites. If you do not believe that data is being used to understand the people you have a screw loose…

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