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Netanyahu accuses West of forsaking non-nuclear Iran pledge. Obama Aide Calls Netanyahu’s Planned Visit ‘Destructive’ to U.S.-Israel Ties.

WEB Notes: Pay attention to the extreme words of Bibi here and then click on the article above and tell me how much of a threat those Iranian speed boats are…

Netanyahu accuses West of forsaking non-nuclear Iran pledge
(Source: Yahoo) – “I respect the White House and the President of the United States but on such a fateful matter, that can determine whether or not we survive, I must do everything to prevent such a great danger for Israel,” Netanyahu said in a speech.
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Monitoring Group: ISIS Kidnaps At Least 220 Christians In Syria

(Source: CBS) – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have seized more than 200 Assyrian Christians in raids on about 10 villages in northeast Syria this week, a monitoring group said Thursday.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on an extensive network of activists on the ground in Syria, said at least 220 Assyrians had been abducted by the group.

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Obama: ‘Consequences’ for ICE Officials Who Don’t Follow Executive Amnesty & More

Obama: ‘Consequences’ for ICE Officials Who Don’t Follow Executive Amnesty
(Video, Source: Weekly Standard) – President Obama warned workers at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: implement executive amnesty, or else. He made the comments in a town hall event on immigration on MSNBC.

According to the White House pool report, President Obama was asked for reassurance that people wouldn’t be deported as the legal battle over the executive amnesty plays out in the courts.

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FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai: Net Neutrality is a “Solution That Won’t Work to a Problem That Doesn’t Exist”. FCC Chair Refuses to Testify before Congress ahead of Net Neutrality Vote.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai: Net Neutrality is a “Solution That Won’t Work to a Problem That Doesn’t Exist”
(Source: Reason) – Net Neutrality is “a solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist,” says Ajit Pai, a commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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Israel Turns off Power to Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians in the Dead of Winter

(Source: Truth Stream Media) – Editor’s Note: The weather forecast for West Bank at the time of posting this says the low tonight is 43 degrees…

And the predictable propaganda spin, re commenter ckg on the article below:

Kershner at NYT predictably softens her headline: “With Palestinian Debt Rising, Israeli Utility Briefly Reduces Power to West Bank”. Compare to LA Times headline: “Israel cuts off electricity to thousands of West Bank Palestinians.”

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U.S. arms flow to Iraq ahead of planned Mosul offensive

WEB Notes: They have been announcing this for weeks now. What kind of military general or “commander in chief” announces their battle moves in advance? This is simply more theater.

(Source: Reuters) – Some 10,000 U.S. M-16 rifles and other military supplies worth about $17.9 million arrived in Iraq this week as U.S. troops pushed ahead with training and supplying Iraqi security forces battling Islamic State fighters, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

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Feds Spend $226,364 on ‘Gender Affirmation’ for Jailed Transwomen

(Source: FreeBeacon) – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is spending over $200,000 on a study involving “gender affirmation” and incarcerated transwomen in San Francisco.

Claiming that incarceration “disproportionally impacts” transwomen—individuals born as males but who self-identify as women—the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is studying how to bring “culturally relevant” interventions to this demographic.

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Federal Reserve Insider Alan Greenspan Warns: There Will Be a “Significant Market Event… Something Big Is Going To Happen”

(Video, Source: Mac Slavo of SHTFplan) – With the Federal Reserve printing trillions upon trillions of dollars to keep the economic system afloat, many investors and financial pundits have surmised that the fundamental economic problems facing the United States during the crash of 2008 have been resolved. Stocks are, after all, at historic highs.

But the insiders know different. And if there’s any single person out there who understands U.S. monetary policy and its long-term effects on domestic and global affairs it’s former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. As the head of the world’s most powerful central bank for nearly two decades he’s privy to the insider conversations and government machinations that have brought us to where we are today.

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Iranian Dissidents: Iran Has a Secret Underground Nuke Site. Netanyahu Lied to UN about Iranian Nuclear Program, Mossad Files Show.

WEB Notes: Here we go again. Time to ratchet up the Iran war propaganda. Iran is involved in end time prophecies as we read of in Daniel 8. Notice, Bibi lied about Iran. How is this a shock to anyone? It was not just Bibi who lied, but the world about Iran. We have been told for years Iran was a week away from nuking Israel. Yet, the event has never transpired because it is a lie built in order to rally the world to attack Iran and institute a globalist controlled government.

Iranian Dissidents: Iran Has a Secret Underground Nuke Site
(Source: Israel National News) – A group of Iranian dissidents said on Tuesday that Iran has an “underground top-secret site” that is enriching uranium intended for nuclear weapons and which has been hidden from the West for years, Fox News reports.

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Bill Gates Says Life Would Be Better With A World Government

(Source: Activist Post) – In a recent interview with the German publication Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bill Gates made some disturbing comments in favor of world government.

Not only did Gates advocate global government, but he also spoke favorably of the UN and NATO, completely overlooking that they are a major force of oppression in the world. NATO can’t even hold a meeting without thousands of people gathering in the streets to protest their actions. Someone as heavily involved in world affairs as Bill Gates should know all about this.

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JPMorgan To Start Charging Big Clients Fees On Some Deposits

WEB Notes: They said it would never happen in the U.S., not to us they said. Well now it has started.

(Source: NASDAQ) – JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is preparing to charge large institutional customers for some deposits, citing new rules that make holding money for the clients too costly, The Wall Street Journal reported quoting people familiar with the plan.

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