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Date: August 16, 2015

ISIS Is Suspected of a Chemical Attack Against Kurds in Syria & More

WEB Notes: There has been a lot of chaos in Iraq lately and who is to blame? Well ISIS of course. ISIS was even behind an attack on one of our readers sandwiches. Syria can attack any location around the globe, but there favorite spot is Syria of course. Why do you think that is? To build up the idea that the US and western nations need to invade to destroy this enemy. Of course if this happens you can bet Assad will be removed along the way.

ISIS Is Suspected of a Chemical Attack Against Kurds in Syria

Source: NY Times | The Islamic State is suspected of using chemical agents — said by some American officials to be mustard gas — in an attack on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria two weeks ago, United States officials said Friday.

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Kerry: Dollar Will Lose Reserve Currency Status if US Walks Away From Iran deal

WEB Notes: This is beyond a bold statement and in my opinion seed planting for the demise of the dollar. Why would he make this statement? The Iran deal does not hinge on the dollar. There is only one reason to prepare the minds of the public for the transition from the dollar and to a one world government currency.

Source: Reuters | If the United States walks away from the nuclear deal with Iran and demands that its allies comply with U.S. sanctions, a loss of confidence in U.S. leadership could threaten the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency, the top U.S. diplomat said on Tuesday.

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Iran gives U.N. watchdog information about past nuclear activities

WEB Notes: Iran continues to do its part,  while the West ratchets up the war rhetoric.

Source: Reuters | Iran has given the U.N. nuclear watchdog information regarding its atomic past, a milestone in potentially meeting a condition for sanctions relief under an accord reached with world powers last month.

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Obamanomics – Union Pacific Cuts 100s Of Jobs On Coal Shipments Collapse | From the Trenches World Report

bamanomics – Union Pacific Cuts 100s Of Jobs On Coal Shipments Collapse

Source: Obamanomics – Union Pacific Cuts 100s Of Jobs On Coal Shipments Collapse | From the Trenches World Report

Sheriff Compares Constitutionalists to ISIS

WEB Notes: Listen to this guy for a moment. He sounds like a crazy person. Believing and respecting the Constitution is considered a crime these days and gets you lump in with the US created ISIS. Notice what this man says, ‘some people are willing to lie’. This happens every second within our own government. They still have not divulged the real debt limit which has been frozen for over 150 days. We see corrupt politicians covering up emails and hard drives, but life goes on for them. Is that not lying? We are lied to everyday by our government, but you a Constitution believing American are the enemy. Go figure.

Source: From The Trenches | Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich linked “rhetoric” from supporters of the U.S. Constitution to violent anti-government groups and ISIS this week in an exposé on the officer’s fight against “homegrown extremists.”

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Scorching Heatwave in Egypt Leaves 42 Dead – ABC News

Why gas prices are rising as oil falls to 6-year lows

WEB Notes: There is always some reason why fuel prices go up, even when oil is at a 6 year low. There is never that Monopoly card that says, “bank error in your favor collect $200.” With oil at these prices fuel should be under $2 a gallon.

Source: Market Watch | Crude-oil prices haven’t been this low in nearly 6 1/2 years, but motorists in some parts of the country have seen a significant rise in prices at the gas pump this week.

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Putin calls an emergency defense meeting as tensions mount in Ukraine

Source: BI | Russian-backed rebel forces in Ukraine are building up to “full combat readiness” after an urgent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and some of his top military advisers.

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66: Cotopaxi volcano erupts in Ecuador for the first time in 140 years | The Extinction Protocol

Gerald Celente: As We Predicted – Chinese Devalued Yuan

(Video) – The latest video from Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente.

“China “surprisingly” devalued their Yuan by 2%, why other emerging markets are at risk of further decline & mergers/acquisitions are about reach their highest levels yet”.

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