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Date: August 25, 2015

Bible Verse of the Day – Psalm 119:165

Bible Verse of the DayBible Verse of the Day and Thoughts
Psalm 119:165
165 “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”

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Global stocks surge as China cuts interest rates

WEB Notes: I think we all expected this. The market will never go straight up or down, it will always bounce around. It is worth noting that oil is now down to $39 a barrel and it has lost 16% of its value in the last month. As of this writing the DJIA is up 347. No underlying issues have been fixed here. No issues were fixed in 2008 either, they were just papered over.

Source: RT | The People’s Bank of China has lowered its interest rate for the fifth time since November boosting European stocks higher in afternoon trading. The one-year lending rate has been reduced by 25 basis points to 4.6 percent, which is record low for China.

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Air Force sending advanced fighters to Europe

Source: MSN | The Air Force plans to send its most sophisticated warplane, the F-22 Raptor fighter, to Europe as a potential deterrent to Russian aggression, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said Monday.

The F-22 deployment comes in response to requirements from commanders in the region, James and Air Force Gen. Mark Welsh, the chief of staff, told reporters.

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Chinese markets crash again in biggest collapse in 20 years

Source: RT | The key Shanghai Composite Index sank another 7.63 percent Tuesday, extending its worst four-day rout since 1996. The index has fallen 22 percent since August 19.

Investors were rattled as the China Securities Regulatory Commission made no attempt to reassure markets after Monday’s crash, as they did a month ago after an 8.5 percent drop.

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BLACK MONDAY: The First Time EVER The Dow Has Dropped By More Than 500 Points On Two Consecutive Days

Source: Economic Collapse Blog | On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 588 points. It was the 8th worst single day stock market crash in U.S. history, and it was the first time that the Dow has ever fallen by more than 500 points on two consecutive days. But the amazing thing is that the Dow actually performed better than almost every other major global stock market on Monday.  In the U.S., the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both did worse than the Dow. In Europe, almost every major index performed significantly worse than the Dow.  Over in Asia, Japanese stocks were down 895 points, and Chinese stocks experienced the biggest decline of all (a whopping 8.46 percent). On June 25th, I was not kidding around when I issued a “red alert” for the last six months of 2015. I had never issued a formal alert for any other period of time, and I specifically stated that “a major financial collapse is imminent“. But you know what? As the weeks and months roll along, things will eventually be even worse than what any of the experts (including myself) have been projecting. The global financial system is now unraveling, and you better pack a lunch because this is going to be one very long horror show.

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Home Ownership Dips to Lowest Level in Almost 50 Years

WEB Notes: Home ownership is not at near record lows because the economy is okay.

Source: NBC  | The U.S. homeownership rate fell to 63.4 percent in the second quarter of 2015, according to the U.S. Census. That is down from 63.7 percent in the first quarter and from 64.7 percent in the same quarter of 2014. It marks the lowest homeownership rate since 1967.

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Households just saw $1.8 trillion in wealth vanish as stocks fall

WEB Notes: When we see articles talking about people loosing millions of dollars that is pure hype and someone desperate to write an article. However, when you start seeing losses in the trillions of dollars that should let you know things are getting serious.

Source: Market Watch | You may have seen headlines to describe the market carnage like a trillion dollar’s worth of wealth wiped away in a single day. But it’s worth noting just how much is held by Americans in the stock market in the first place.

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Ex-Satanist: Babies ritually aborted for devil

WEB Notes: I am sure this is only a glimpse of what really happens. Note later on in the article the mention of this act being shown in a music video.

Source: WND | Zachary King remembers the day well. It was in 1982. He was young, rebellious and dabbling in the occult.

But on that day, he would make the transition from novice to the deeper things of Satan.

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With Stocks In Free Fall, China Ditches Plunge Protection For Desperation Rate Cuts & More

WEB Notes: Cutting rates does nothing to fix the underlying issues and one of those issues is debt.

With Stocks In Free Fall, China Ditches Plunge Protection For Desperation Rate Cuts

Source: ZeroHedge | Over the weekend, the PBoC was radio silent on a highly anticipated RRR cut and the results, to say the least, were not favorable.

Gulf markets set the tone on Sunday and then from the word “go” in Shanghai on Monday morning until, well, until now, it’s been unabated selling. Selling which spilled over onto Wall Street yesterday and left the Dow down nearly 600 points at the close.

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The Very Real Economic Costs of Birthright Citizenship

WEB Notes: The article would later state. “According to CIS, 71 percent of illegal-alien headed households with children received some sort of welfare in 2009, compared with 39 percent of native-headed houses with children.” I will say it once again, immigration was never intended to be this way. What we have witnessed is a successful attempt through another outlet to destroy this nation.

Source: National Review | ‘Peter and Ellie Yang,” the subjects of Benjamin Carlson’s fascinating new Rolling Stone essay, “Welcome to Maternity Hotel California,” paid $35,000 to have their second child in the United States. In 2012 Chinese state media reported 10,000 “tourist births” by Chinese couples in the United States; other estimates skew as high as 60,000.

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86 Killed as Syria Shells Rebel Town Near Damascus

WEB Notes: It slowly keeps moving towards Damascus.

Source: AntiWar | The rebel-held town of Douma, near the Syrian capital of Damascus, has faced some of the biggest death tolls of the civil war in recent weeks, with 110 killed and 300 wounded last weekend in attacks centering on the town’s marketplace.

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