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Date: October 7, 2015

Syrian forces begin ground offensive backed by Russia air and sea power

WEB Notes: Get extra popcorn out for all of the theater we are seeing. While we understand who is behind ISIS and how this will end look at how many innocent people are being killed in the process.

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Matt Drudge: Copyright Laws Could Outlaw Linking to Websites

WEB Notes: It will be interesting to see what happens. Copyright law gives you the ability to use linking and copy some of the information with a link back to the author just as we do. If this changes to the point you cannot even post a headline then this country and the Christian community are really in for a world of hurt.

Skip to the 6 minute mark for the interview.

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Russia, Syria launch attack on Assad opponents

Russia launched a naval bombardment of ISIS targets in Syria on Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin during a televised meeting. Shoigu said four Russian ships fired 26 missiles into Syria, hitting 11 targets. He said the strikes were launched from the Caspian Sea using precise long-range missiles that flew 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) to their targets.

Source: Russia, Syria launch attack on Assad opponents –

Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About

WEB Notes: Make sure to visit the source and read all of the line items.

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Trade deficit balloons to $48.3 billion

The trade deficit swelled to $48.3 billion in August, according to the Department of Commerce.Economists had estimated that the trade deficit, or the excess of imports over exports, increased to $48 billion from $41.81 in the prior month. Core imports rose 2.6%, driven by consumer goods.

Source: US trade balance, August – Business Insider

Obama Not Welcome In Roseburg, Says Local Newspaper Publisher

Archaeologists uncover ruins of Sodom, the lost ancient biblical city destroyed by God

WEB Notes: I believe Ron Wyatt discovered this years ago. We have a link to a video on our site about this. You can find it here.

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Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument Comes Down by Night

A Ten Commandments monument that had been displayed on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol was removed in the night on Monday.

As previously reported, the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission voted 7-1 last week to give authorization to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to remove the monument following a court order declaring that the display must go.

Source: Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument Comes Down by Night | Christian News Network


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