WEB Notes: I wanted to touch a bit more on the notes from yesterday’s post titled, “Russia Begins Airstrikes in Syria. U.S. Warns of New Concerns in Conflict. China En-Route. Iran and Hezbollah Prepare Ground Attack – Video“. Why is all of this happening?

WEB Notes Cont:. Now we have other nations involved in the crisis in Syria and they appear to be propping up Assad, while the West props up the terrorists fighting Assad. Destabilization. War. Fear. These are all reasons and they are necessary to bring about a New World Order government. The people of the earth look around and all they see is death, war and crumbling economies. The leaders of the nations see the same thing as they get involved deeper and deeper in these wars and economic crisis’s. We have said over and over again the leaders of the world are controlled by the children of Satan knowingly or unknowingly. From this video, Putin seems to be a great example of “unknowingly”. In the end it does not matter, each of these nations are being used against each other for a desired result. The point here is the globalists would love for you to believe if the world could only unite, if we could only become one there would be no more war. We could all work together to defeat terrorism and have thriving economies, etc. This will happen one day and ultimately that is when Satan will stand on the earth claiming to be Christ.

Source: Activist Post | World War 3 has already started, although the global fervor has a good bit of ramping up still to do and people are still a bit shy about calling it that.

Russia is now flying sorties over Syria against CIA-backed ISIS and other militant groups. Rhetoric and propaganda is building daily, and China is on the brink of entering Syria. Israel and the US aren’t sure who to attack next, while Iran and Turkey are threatening to get more heavily involved. Iraq, meanwhile, is an on-going bloodbath, and surrounding nations are in various states of extreme duress and explosive tyranny. Northern Africa is a power vacuum after the take down of Libya and millions are fleeing the region as the refugee crisis in Europe explodes.

The military industrial complex in coordination with government and the global financiers of war have been pushing for decades for the total destabilization of the area, and stand to profit significantly as the situation deteriorates further. As the madness from this spreads across the globe, they’ll make sure that there are more war materials available than there is food.

Source: Drone Footage of a Battlefield “Victory” in the Orwellian Permanent War


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