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Date: August 7, 2016

Obama: US Must Try to Partner with Russia to Defeat Islamic State

WEB Notes: Does the media actually forget what they write? Russia and the US have been working together against ISIS for years now. The nation of Syria is being destroyed while ISIS grows stronger. The US, the coalition forces and Russia just cannot seem to stop those ISIS Toyota trucks.

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Elderly should sell homes to fund care, says aide to Theresa May

WEB Notes: They pay in their whole life, but that is not good enough says the government.

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War against Isis: US-led coalition accused of killing civilians using ‘scorched earth policy’ in Syria

Members of the US-led coalition have been accused of deploying a “scorched earth policy” in Syria by activists who claim to have documented scores of civilian deaths.

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Islamic State militants claim capture of U.S. weapons in Afghanistan

WEB Notes: “Captured.”

Militants linked to Islamic State have released photos that purport to show weapons and equipment that belonged to American soldiers and were captured by the group in eastern Afghanistan. The photos, which came to light on Saturday, show an American portable rocket launcher, radio, grenades and other gear not commonly used by Afghan troops, as well as close up views of identification cards for a U.S. Army soldier, Specialist Ryan Larson.

Source: Islamic State militants claim capture of U.S. weapons in Afghanistan

Trump’s Border Wall Idea Dismissed by Mexico’s Foreign Minister

WEB Notes: The quote below by Mexico’s foreign minister, Claudia Ruiz Massieu was given in response to the idea of building a border along the US and Mexico. Read her quote close, all about globalism and how other nations are partaking in it as well.

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Europeans Are Quietly Preparing for War with Russia

WEB Notes: They admit they do not know what is going on. It surly is not war with Russia. The paragraph below is truth from their own mouths. The current global structure is collapsing and they do not understand why.

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U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels Are Turning to Russia for Support

WEB Notes: The US gives the good stuff to their #1: ISIS.

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Intense fighting as Syrian rebels break through Aleppo siege

Syrian rebels broke through to besieged opposition-held areas in eastern Aleppo on Saturday in an assault on a major government military complex meant to end a month-long siege, insurgents and a monitoring group said.

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US Army, Rand Corporation Plan for War Against Beijing Over S. China Sea

WEB Notes: Fear and Hype. There is far too much economic gain to be lost by these two nations for any war. Further, the children of Satan control both of these nations so there is no need for war. Lastly, you do not publicize your true war plans to your enemy.

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