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Date: September 2, 2016

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Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 119:64

Bible Verse of the Day

Psalm 119:64

“The earth, O LORD, is full of thy mercy: teach me thy statutes.”

The National Debt Just Officially Hit $19.5 Trillion; It Was $10.6 Trillion When Obama Took Office – Video

The national debt has now officially hit $19.5 trillion. For comparison, it was $10.63 trillion when Obama first took office in 2009. Now, it has doubled, and will top $20 trillion before he’s done.

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CORRECTION: Soros: Trump to Win Popular Vote in Landslide, Hillary will be President

WEB Notes: Our apologies, but it turns out this video has been altered to say Trump will win the popular vote when Soros actually said Clinton will win the popular vote. The original video is from January of this year and was reported by Bloomberg. Once again we apologize.

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The State of Obesity 2016

U.S. adult obesity rates decreased in four states (Minnesota, Montana, New York and Ohio), increased in two (Kansas and Kentucky) and remained stable in the rest, between 2014 and 2015, according to The State of Obesity:

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Another School Bans Students From Bringing American Flags To Football Game – Video

YouTube Defends Punishing Politically Incorrect Opinions: ‘We’ve Been Doing it For Years’

YouTube responded to the outcry over its decision to punish “controversial” opinions by demonetizing videos by insisting that the policy had already been in place for three years.

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US Trained Militants That Formed the ‘Core of Daesh’

Department on his head received counter-terrorism training in the United States for 11 years, CNN reported. In an interview with Sputnik, Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, political analyst told Radio Sputnik that the case with Khalimov is not isolated.

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