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Date: July 18, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 119:7

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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U.S. House Fails to Pass Amendment Banning Govt. From Funding Soldiers’ ‘Gender Transitions’

WEB Notes: Now if this was an “amendment” to ban funding to a church all hands would have been on deck to pass it. But hey, this is about “gender transition” so we need to be “sensitive” to those people and ensure tax payers fund their “gender reassignment” surgery.

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Trump administration: Iran complying with nuclear deal

WEB Notes: Do you see what I mean about these guys? One minute Iran is breaking the agreement, the next they are sweet angels following the “law” to a T.

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Why American millennials may never get to live alone

WEB Notes: Everything is expensive these days. Prices continue to sky rocket while wages stay stagnant. Do you have any idea how much a truck costs these days? No wonder they have 84 month payment terms so people will continue to make purchases they already cannot afford. If you do not have the cash you do not need it.

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Trump: We Won’t Let Other Countries ‘Break the Rules, Steal Our Jobs and Drain Our Wealth’

WEB Notes: This is great in theory, but it seems highly unlikely anything like this will move forward. If it does other nations will institute tariffs etc. The world is too connected right now and a major reason for the outsourcing of jobs is due to the US government. If you doubt those words go look up the tax rate for corporations. You will find the US has the highest corporate tax in the entire world. Now if you are a business owner, where would you operate your business? In America so you can say its American made at a tax rate of 39%? Or would you move as much as you can elsewhere to a lower rate country? If the US really cared, this rate would be far less and you certainly would have more companies staying at home. Finally, Trump mentions his admin has signed the most legislature of any of other President. He has not and even if he did, adding more laws and rules does not equal success. Always analyze and research what people are talking about so you can become educated on the matter.

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Malta Legalizes Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

WEB Notes: Only 1 Maltese government official voted against it out of 67. That sounds about right considering the hour we find ourselves in. We are out numbered in our beliefs, the world is at odds with us. But you know one thing? All we need is our Father on our side and we win no matter how many stand in our path.

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California Struggles to Implement New Gun-Control Measures

California has faced a number of setbacks in implementing the state’s latest gun-control measures, causing a number of deadlines to be pushed back and leaving some measures in legal limbo.

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ObamaCare Stays As GOP Fails To Pass Health Care Bill

Rand Paul: Healthcare Bill Is “A giant Bailout Superfund For Insurance Companies”

WEB Notes: Though this bill failed to pass, it is worth understanding what they were trying to pass. Nothing that was going to help you and I.

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$10bn cryptocurrency devaluation in 24 hours, Bitcoin hit hard

Cryptocurrency investors have suffered heavy losses following a dramatic drop in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum in recent days.

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Trump threatens sanctions if Venezuela creates Constituent Assembly

WEB Notes: We know Venezuela is another nation the globalists seek to completely capture. That becomes obvious with the threats of the US President.

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