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Date: October 6, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 26:4

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Bible Question And Answer For 10-6-2017

Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question And Answer

Welcome to our bi-weekly post Bible Question and Answer where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer one of them. So please join us and feel free to chime in on the discussion in the comments section below this post.

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‘Our Minds Can Be Hijacked’: The Tech Insiders Who Fear A Smartphone Dystopia 

WEB Notes: This is a very good article by former designers, engineers and product managers at Facebook and Google. It is really worth your time to read and understand how we all are being manipulated.

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Islamic Imam Delivers Prayer Before U.S. House Claiming God Is ‘Experienced Through Multiple Paths’

WEB Notes: This is what global religion is all about. Abdullah, you are sadly mistaken. Our Heavenly Father has already given us this speech…

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Trump Expected To ‘Decertify’ Iran Nuclear Deal Next Week

Trump Calls Dinner with Military Leaders ‘The Calm Before the Storm’

As President Donald Trump met with his highest ranking U.S. military leaders and their spouses for dinner Thursday night, he said the moment could represent “the calm before the storm.”

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Cancers Linked To Excess Weight Make Up 40% Of All Us Diagnoses, Study Finds

Cancers associated with being overweight or obese account for 40% of all diagnoses of the disease in the United States, an increasing share of all cancer diagnoses nationwide. Although new cases of cancer have fallen since the 1990s, diagnoses of overweight- and obesity-linked cancers increased between 2005 and 2014, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Being overweight is associated with increased risk for 13 types of cancer.

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Two New Montana Laws Take on Warrantless Electronic Data Collection

On Sunday, two Montana laws went into effect that work together to ban warrantless collection of cell phone data in most situations. These laws not only increase privacy protections in the state, they also hinder one practical impact of federal surveillance programs.

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Video Capture Huge Meteor In Night Sky Over China

The fireball traveled the skies for a few seconds before exploding, but it was enough for residents of Shangri-La City to capture the mesmerizing display on video. China’s social networks were inundated with clips of the fireball zooming through the clouds.

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Bump Stocks: Congress Considering Legislation To Ban The Gun Attachment Las Vegas Shooter Used

WEB Notes: There will always be something to ban when it comes to firearms, it is how they control the people. They will make up whatever lie they need too. They will take advantage of whatever shooting takes place, if it is legitimate or not. This is about removing your freedoms…

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‘Lee Harvey’ Paddock…Another ‘Lone Gunman’ LIE Worst ‘Suicide’ Set-Up Of A Patsy Ever?

WEB Notes: You will need to visit the source for the details on this one. There are a bunch of photos and in the first one I noticed right off the problem, it is that obvious…

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6.0 Magnitude Earthquake off the east coast of Honshu, Japan


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