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Date: December 29, 2017

Iran Hit By Second Day Of Anti-Government Protests

WEB Notes: The beginning of another color revolution?

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Syria’s Assad Kills 7 Children In 24 Hours In Idlib

WEB Notes: Sure blame it on Assad, perfect considering yesterday Rex Tillerson said Assad must go. In other news Turkeys Erdogan’s claims that Assad is a terrorist.

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A Year Of Historic Change In Saudi Arabia, With More To Come

WEB Notes: Saudi Arabia is so backwards they do not even have movie theaters nor are woman allowed to drive. That is until now. Had this news been from Iran the world would have been up in arms.

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Trump Targets Amazon In Call For Postal Service To Hike Prices

WEB Notes: This is what we call a tax increase. Call it a “fee” if it makes you sleep better at night, but this is a government entity. It is interesting how UPS is able to deliver Amazon packages just fine.

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A Powerful Person Has Been Accused Of Misconduct At A Rate Of Once Every 20 Hours Since Weinstein

WEB Notes: Very disturbing and shows how morally twisted our world really is.

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