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Date: January 17, 2018

Friday: Bible Question And Answer

California Hospitals Face A ‘War Zone’ Of Flu Patients — And Are Setting Up Tents To Treat Them

WEB Notes: California, illegal immigrants… California, illegal immigrants… Could it be? No, of course not! The surge has to be due to those bad boys and girls who refused their flu shot. What a mess and in the end this will be the words from so called “officials” mouths. Funny how the people who received the vaccine are getting the flu. Do yourself a favor and learn about vaccines for yourself.

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DHS Asked Prosecutors To Charge Sanctuary City Leaders

WEB Notes: Perfect, how about sanctuary states we have those nowadays as well. The Federal Government is to blame as well, they continue to allow the illegals to flow into the states and provide aid to them as well. Aid is provided when an illegal alien has a baby on the U.S. side of the border…

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Syrian Army Vow to End US Presence in Syria

WEB Notes: Good luck with that Syria, your death sentence was signed long ago (Isaiah 17:1). As we have documented, it is the United States and other Global Powers who are supporting terrorism around the world. The goal is to divide the nation and remove its leadership in order to replace it with one controlled by Global Powers…

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U.S. To Provide $60 Million In Palestinian Aid, Withhold $65 Million

WEB Notes: All funding to all nations should be halted, otherwise we are just playing politics. Most articles out there state the US removed $65 million in aid, without telling you they already gave them $60 million. A little disingenuous.

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How Ex-Congresswoman Helped Squelch Reports Of Secret Government Surveillance

WEB Notes: Let me translate this congresswoman’s quote, “there are times when you have to screw over the American tax payer. They do not need to know what we, big brother are doing. We know what’s best.”

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Pretty Dresses Are No Longer Just For Women

WEB Notes: Boy oh boy. I do not know about the rest of you boys, but I do not need to be “liberated” from my dress attire and it certainly does not include dresses…

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Switzerland Outlaws Boiling Lobsters Because They Feel Pain

WEB Notes: I always thought boiling lobsters was messed up. However, do we need more government law? The answer is no and for the record, lobsters are not clean to eat (Leviticus 11).

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