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Date: June 11, 2018

YouTube Terminates Channel of Firearms Parts Retailer

WEB Notes: Whether you realize it or not, you made Google and YouTube. You used their services and enjoyed using them, that was fine then. But today, maybe we need to re-evaluate… Just as we all made them, we can destroy them by refusing to use their services. Advertising dollars will disappear and over time so will the services…

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Will The Fed Set Off A Recession Alarm?

WEB Notes: Well blow me down! A recession when unemployment rates are at their “lowest”? When sales are booming and so forth and so on… I think we all know this is coming despite what the mainstream media tells us about the economy. The fact is nothing has changed since the collapse of 2007. Wait… Yes it did, the world created even more debt.

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Yes, California Has Effectively Banned Showering And Doing Laundry On The Same Day

WEB Notes: Yet some people actually trust these so called “fact checker” services. This should make you think twice!

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Isolated North Korean Public Mostly Unaware of Historic Trump-Kim Summit 

With all the attention focused on Singapore and the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Pyongyang must be buzzing with excitement, right?

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Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls for War in Korea if Kim Doesn’t Agree to Complete Denuclearization

WEB Notes: It is no secret, Graham is on Team Warmonger. He already has the papers ready to go if Kim Jung Un does not comply with their efforts for peace. Now that is negotiating peace looking down the barrel of a gun.

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Assad: UK, US, France Prolonging War In Syria

WEB Notes: Everytime Assad spills the beans it confirms what we already know to be true. I bet the children of Satan are sorely displeased at the length of time it is taking to remove Assad from power.

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Donald Trump Called Asbestos Poisoning A Mob-Led Conspiracy, Now His EPA Won’t Evaluate Asbestos Already In Homes

The Environmental Protection Agency will not consider the health risks and impacts of asbestos already in the environment when evaluating the dangers associated with the chemical compound, Scott Pruitt, the agency’s head, quietly announced last week. That means asbestos used in tiles, piping and adhesives throughout homes and businesses in the United States will remain largely unchecked and unaccounted for. Nearly 15,000 Americans die each year from asbestos-related diseases, but President Donald Trump has called the substance “100 percent safe, once applied.”

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Teacher Fighting for Job After Refusing District’s Demands To Call Students By ‘Transgender’ Names

WEB Notes: This has gone way too far, we past the point of confusion on this one years ago. Our Father is not happy or pleased in any shape or form by these acts against nature. We have discussed this in depth many times

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