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Netflix Announces Animated ‘Drag Queen’ Series: ‘They’re Queer, And They’re Going To Save The World’

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WEB Notes: The only “TV” programming I have had for the last ten or so years has been Netflix which occasionally gets turned on. However, since Netflix has this announcement, I have my own. Due to their decision, I will be canceling their service. Imagine if everyone did that when a company stood against God.

“Netflix has sunk to a new low.” That’s one of a number of comments of concern following the popular movie outlet’s presentation of a teaser for a new cartoon series called “Super Drags,” which centers on the fictional tales of drag queen superheroes.

“They’re here, they’re queer, and they’re going to save the world. Super Drags, a new animated series coming soon,” Netflix announced on social media on Thursday.

The accompanying trailer for the series includes in-your-face animated close-ups of the partially bare rear-end and breasts of one of the characters as they suit up for their mission. The video then cuts to the logo for the show, with “Super Drags” written partially in rainbow colors and displayed inside of a heart.

Source: Netflix Announces Animated ‘Drag Queen’ Series: ‘They’re Queer, and They’re Going to Save the World’ | Christian News Network

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  1. Animated ..for the kiddies..DISGUSTING! I surely hope parents today review this garbage before their kids see it. It’s all about indoctrination starting with young children NORMALIZING the perverse..all part of the Synagogue of Satan’s plan. Shape of Water GREAT movie about beastiality.. 50Shades of Grey ..S&M sex ..a tv show called Lucifer and he’s the good guy..just know who owns and controls Hollywood and tv and social media’s NOT a coincidence

  2. Pureflix maybe option $10.99/month?
    Thanks, Brandon

  3. i have the two movies a month package for $4.99/mo—I kept due to the grandfather contract. But, darn, with so much going on and with my directv, I haven’t’ even watched the last movie I got over a year ago! Maybe they don’t need my $5 now.

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