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ICE To Set Free Illegal Immigrants To Comply With Judge’s Family Reunification Order

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WEB Notes: The article goes on to say this gets in the way of the Trump Administrations plans to stop the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants. Alright, illegal aliens are not fish, they are lawbreakers. We do not catch them and we do not release them. We turn them away at the border…

Where have you ever gone in your life without an invitation and you were accepted and allowed to enter the premise?

Have you ever gone to the zoo, theme park, airplane, train, bus, you name it and said well sorry Billy Bob I don’t have a boarding pass…

What do you think Ol Billy Bob would tell you?

Oh its okay Johnny step right over the line, I got you.

Give me a break people.

We all know the answer, we would have been sent packing. Yet the government and mainstream media have us on this trip where we think it is okay or we can somehow rationalize illegal immigration.

Look, if you do not have your “boarding pass,” you cannot board the USS America. It is really that simple.

Every illegal immigrant parent whose child was separated at the border has now been able to at least speak by telephone, the government said in a new court filing Friday.

And some parents have already been moved to new detention facilities to put them closer to where their children are being held, preparing for final unification and, in many cases, release from custody.

Source: From The Trenches World Report

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  1. Truth be told! Common sense not common anymore!👎

  2. ping pong politics i say, nothing gets done on this issue and never will, it just goes back and forth. all it is doing is dividing, distracting, and confusing people. they are not telling the truth on the whole situation,. i guess they know if they really told the truth, they would all be hung for treason. i do believe these illegals are being coached and indoctrinated, to believe that they have “special” rights. protesting in the streets with a mexican flag just infuriates me to no end, making demands on the united states, when in fact they are not U.S. citizens. brainwashing goes a long long way.

    • Look up The Reconquista, Gwen.

      The Reconquista (“reconquest”) is a term that is used (not exclusively) to describe the vision by different individuals, groups, and/or nations that the U.S. Southwest should be politically or culturally conquered by Mexico.

      • okay, i looked it up, just totally shocked at what i found. they plan to exploit america’s generosity to the fullest all the while mocking us. the goal is for illegal aliens to get citizenship for themselves and their children, so they can eventually vote to return to mexico large section of the american southwest. seems like if they do this, that it will become like Mexico, poor and violence riddled throughout. so, my question would be, so they would not be part of the U.S. economy, so no more free medical, food, housing, etc., right????????

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