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FED Announces Unlimited Bond Purchases In Unprecedented Move To Help U.S. Economy Weather Coronavirus Meltdown

Here is the news, and just a day prior the Federal Reserve announced they will provide $4,000,000,000,000 in loans for businesses. Yes, that is $4 trillion dollars.

Now the not so Federal Reserve will attempt to provide unlimited amounts of money to prop up the economy. Just like in 2008, this money will be given to the world. This money is not real, the Federal Reserve does not have that much money.

They are creating Monopoly money, they did that in 2008 and they are doing it again. You may have heard the term, “Helicopter money”. This is it.

The American people and the world are being fooled by the most wicked powers on earth, (Ephesians 6). As they provide these loans, it means they will now have a stake in the companies accepting these loans if they cannot repay them. Think of the assets that will now be under the Federal Reserve umbrella. A private bank, yes I said a private bank.

Writing On The Wall

Even though the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world are pulling out all of the stops, global stock markets are continuing their crash.

Despite this news to bail out the U.S. to no end, the market is down over 800 points. That means no one is going for it.

Look, central bankers told us since the 2008 financial crisis, ‘there is little we can do to prevent another global financial crisis’. Of course, that was the plan all along…

If this all strikes you as odd, I encourage you to read our article, “The Planned Financial Crash Of The World


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  1. Yep. Here comes the biggest Socialism push.

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