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WHO’s Statement About Antibodies Blows Hole In Vaccine Agenda

We have all heard the saying, ‘open mouth, insert foot’. That means you said more than you should and made a big fat mistake. That was the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday.

Yesterday, news outlets flipped out as the World Health Organization deleted a Tweet about antibodies concerning COVID-19. No worries, the WHO left the note up on their own page.

Let’s read it.

There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.

Well there went the vaccine agenda.

Typically, when we become ill, our bodies fight off the illness and we become stronger as we become immune to the illness. The wizards at the World Health Organization are telling you, that is not the case.

My opinion, this was stated to put more pressure to continue the lockdowns. Unfortunately for them, it also tells us that vaccines will be worthless. If our body cannot heal itself, a vaccine will fare no better as it is based on our immune system.

Since they deleted their Tweet, they created another Tweet that said,

We expect that most people who are infected with #COVID19 will develop an antibody response that will provide some level of protection.

“We expect” = “We have no clue”.

Huge change in tune there, but they want you to get ol Bill Gates jab.

Look folks. I can think, and I can make guesses. That is okay, I am just a guy.

The WHO, on the other hand, is composed of doctors and medical professionals who provide professional advice to the world.

Why are they guessing?

In one moment they say, ‘yeah no one is immune’. In the next breath, ‘ahh sure you will probably become immune’.

Now remember, this is the solid medical advice YouTube is adhering too and the rest of the world’s governments. They are all taking direction from these quacks.

Yet, even though they have no idea, they are pressing on with a vaccine. That should concern you greatly and make you ask even more questions.


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  1. You’re right, it’s not going away. I’m sort of angry at myself for not seeing this coming the way it did. But I can only take solace in the fact that God is still in control and, I know you feel the same way, that His plan is finished and perfect and we just have to act accordingly and put our faith in Him. This site is probably the only source in the world telling the truth AND adhering to His plan. Victory will be His! His Word gives so much blessed assurance.

    • We are trying Jack, we are trying. We all have to take it day by day here. Trust in Him as you said, keep that line of communication open to God. It may be rough sailing, but we will make it through. He promised that many, many times.

  2. Working at one of the few places still left open, I can tell you all that most people smell a rat here. They’re not ready to start defying orders, but I think very much longer of this thing and they will be. I should qualify that by saying I’m from South Carolina, the first state to secede from the Union, lol…But still, people are beginning to doubt what they’re hearing. Not all, but a good many. Starting tomorrow I’m supposed to start wearing a mask at work. Now for 2 months, it’s been fine that I haven’t been wearing one….but my company has deemed it necessary beginning May 1st. For the first couple weeks of this thing, I did wear gloves because some of my elderly customers were concerned and I listen to them. Then 2 weeks ago I stopped even doing that. Now I’m supposed to start wearing a mask tomorrow. So my plan is this….when the big boss comes around (the district manager) I’ll wear it ’cause I need my job. But otherwise I ain’t wearing no mask. I won’t risk my job, but I won’t help perpetuate a lie either. Which means 99% of the time i won’t be wearing one. But the narrative is wearing thin on most people from what i can gather.

    • Hey, it is good to hear you are still working. A lot of people are out of a job.

      There are a few people who are doubting what they are hearing, but not enough. Talking with a friend, they explained how everyone in their workplace thought the mask and lockdowns were a great idea. One thing is certain at this point, this is not going away.

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