Why Is Society Collapsing? You Can Thank Generational Failures!

It’s gotten to the point that I’m numb to the news.

Anyone else?

I’d imagine my older readers have lost all hope of a decent future for their children and grandkids. I’m a Gen Xer, and even I can’t get over the state of the world. It’s like a lost cause. The Boomer generation was the last good generation. I mean, in those days, folks went to sports games wearing suits and ties!

Those days have vanished.

It’s just like in the Bible…

As you read the Old Testament, the Israelites continually removed God from their presence. So one decent generation faded away, which gave rise to another perverse generation. To put it mildly that is. Ahh, but lest my older readers pat themselves on the back too much, let me remind you who raised Gen X.

You did.

In turn, Gen X raised the dreaded Millennials and Gen Z.

Relax Millennial readers, I married one.

As history goes, Millennials raised some of Gen Z, and even some Gen Alpha, and folks, that’s where I hit the brakes. I mean, many of us thought the Millennial generation was a disaster. Well baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Then again, you watch the news…

However, in case you missed it, look at the article I found the other day, “Gen Z has lost the ability to manage basic adulthood.” Ohh, it’s a doozy of an article. Within it, they explain,

A quarter of 18-to-34-year olds have never answered their phone. Why? Because apparently “it’s too much pressure”.

Go ahead, pick your jaw up off the floor.

It took me a while as well.

But hey, this is the state of our world, and as a disclaimer, that article was from the U.K. But get real, America is no different. These are the same turkeys that protest everything, which the media glorifies. That is, as long as it fits in with the media narrative.

By the way, Gen Z calls being an adult, “adulting.”

You know, they always have these silly names for the basics of life.

Now look sugar, people have been becoming adults since the dawn of mankind.

It’s called, “growing up.”

It’s called, “maturing.”

Now here’s the best part…

Each new generation thinks what they do is better than the prior generation!

Well, I have news for you baby.

It isn’t.

With each new generation, we become that much more screwed up.

Come on, don’t roll your eyes, take a look around.

Do you realize, 78% of Americans think a single parent raising a child is “acceptable.”

That’s horse business!

For Heaven’s sake people, what’s wrong with you?

You’ve been dumbed down. You watch too much of the boob tube, and it’s tarnished your mind. God created man and woman to raise a family. Not a single man or single woman. All this single nonsense is about polluting what God created.

Hey, anytime the world tells you something is right, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s wrong and perverse.

Sort of like this variation of the “modern family.”

Ahh, isn’t that cute?

A couple of dudes nuzzling noses and raising their dog family.

Man, this world is screwed up!

That image comes from Pew, and their poll on the “modern family.”

Link above, just for little ol you.

In another sign of our whacked world…

Just 23% of Americans say it’s “extremely important” to become married to have a “fulfilling life.”

Yup, that’s just too old school.

Why be chained to one daim, when you can have a different one whenever you want?

Hence why 78% of Americans think it’s okay to be a single parent.

What about the flipping kids people?

Ahh just give um an easter basket, they’ll be fine.

Moving on…

So I’m sure you’re just dying to know, what’s the number one element of life for it to be considered “fulfilling…”

Wait for it…

  • “Having a job or career they enjoy.”

A job?

A job!!!

That’s what Americans think is “extremely important” in order to have a “fulfilling life.”

A job, employment which is the basics of life.

A job, that will hire you one day, and can you the next. Especially in the world we live in today. Long gone are the days when employer and employee respected each other. When “loyalty” was a thing.

So this is where we are people.


Well, with each new generation, they slacked off a little bit more than the previous generation. Discipline wained just a tad, then we got TV, and later, social media. It’s been a disaster, a disaster I said!

Take a look around.

The world’s not getting better, it’s getting worse, worse, worse.

Parents don’t know what spanking you know what is.

But Brandon, “I wouldn’t want to do that to little Billy.”

I’ll tell you something, little Billy needs that rear end taxed a couple three times. Otherwise, he’s going to grow up to be a hellion. Don’t say, “No,” I’ve seen it a million times by now.

Hey, one of the main reasons our world is so messed up, there is no discipline, there is no accountability.

Do you know why?

It might hurt someone’s feelings.

Powder puffs.

You know, to this day, as a kid, I remember doing something wrong. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. Ol Mom figured it out, as usual, and she came to bring the pain.

You see, we had something called, “The Stick.”

Ohh yeah, you didn’t want The Stick.

It wasn’t a stick though, it was this thick wooden paddle my Pop made.

Thanks Pop!

Well, right before Mom gave me my just reward.

I made a desperate plea, in order to get out of said “reward…”

I said,

“Mom! No, please, I’m sorry! I love you!”

Without even the slightest hesitation, Mom replied,

“I love you too honey. Now give me your @$$!”


Hey, I needed it.

I mean, as a kid, it’s the last thing you want! But you look back and you think, that whooping saved me a lot of problems later in life. So I needed that discipline.

I’m sure there are many powder puffs just in horror right now. You’re feeling that way because of society. Society told you to remove discipline from your life “and it’ll be better.” It’s not, take a look around. Our world is crap people, and each new generation is raising more crap.

I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.

In case you are wondering, Mom did exactly what she was supposed to do.

Proverbs 13:24
He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

You see, society hates God.

They hate being reminded about God.

So, they told you that following God’s Law is not needed.

God said spank that rear end.

I said spank, not beat.

“But Brandon, we do timeouts.”

You’re a grown-up, you do what you want, I’m just telling you what God said.

Moreover, I’ve seen the timeout game, and 99% of the time, it never works. That’s why the world’s messed up, again, take a look around. If the new way was so great, then our world would be great, but it’s not, it’s trash to put it mildly.

Look, timeouts and sugar sweet talk is what created those men in the photo above, the two dudes playing nose nuzzle with their dog family.

That’s what timeouts and “don’t do that Billy” creates.

Men aren’t even men anymore!

I can hardly take it, I can hardly stand what society and our world have become. Even worse, the most sick and distorted nations are the former Christian nations of the world.

Just feast your eyes on this freak show…

CENSOR: Click at your own risk…

Those fruits and nuts performed at “Eurovision.”

Apparently, that show used to be family fun! It’s a big hit in Euroland, and what a sickening sight it’s become. Back in the day, those people used to end up with a straight jacket on. Now, we place straight jackets on the straights.

In America, we don’t condone this behavior. Nope, instead we call it “diverse” and “inclusive,” and we vote for politicians who support this filth. No one should support filth, that’s what it is. It’s filth.

Do you know why I don’t support politicians who support this trash?

Well, I’ll tell you why…

Come judgment day, my Lord isn’t going to say,

“Why did you vote for this nut?”

You do realize, He’s going to ask you that?

He’s going to say,

“Why did you support people in life who don’t support Me.”

Then you, you’re going to say,

“Well Lord, I supported the lesser of two evils.”

If I recall Scripture correctly, that’s around the time Jesus says,

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Matthew 7:23

And relax, I’m not even talking about elections.

I’m talking about everything in life.

We slip a little here, and we slip a little there, until there’s no God left.

Again, look at the world!

Look at government, look at our churches.

Hundreds of English Bible translations and thousands of Christian denominations. We all believe something different, and then Christians fight and bicker with each other about what we believe.

It’s stupid with a capital S!

So when you support wickedness, God’s going to hold you accountable. When you don’t live according to His Word, He’s going to hold you accountable. When you don’t raise your kids right, He’s going to hold you accountable.


Instead of becoming hellions on earth, those kids could have grown up as good Christian folk. Instead of joining the latest social trend, those kids could have grown up to read their Bible, enforcing God’s Law in their family’s life, and raising a new generation that walks in the way of the Lord.

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