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Trump Has Authority from God to Wage War on North Korea Claims His Religious Adviser

Laying Hands on Trump

WEB Notes: This fires me up as I do not like seeing the people lied too. Seeing the people told God said this or that when He did not say it. The religious mega preachers are at it again showing their mega stupidity. God never condoned any war with North Korea. This mega preacher is talking out of the side of his neck. Of course this super-mega preacher is one of those who laid hands on Trump. I wonder if any of these guys are babblers… You do know what a babbler is… Mainstream Christianity is promoting war and trying to say God said it is okay. Sometimes war is needed, but this is certainly not one of those times. What is going on between the US and North Korea is rhetoric, it has been going on for years and years, but Satan’s children might be ready to take down North Korea. This is about global government people, implementing it and bringing the world closer together…

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On The Temple Mount, Priests Take On A New Sacred Duty: Collecting Bodies

WEB Notes: Let me ask you a question. Are Christians concerned about heathen and their practices? Answer, no. Do these guys have anything to do with Christ returning? Answer, no. Look at the “professional” gathering of this fine bunch.

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Temple Mount Prayers Conclude Peacefully, Clashes Reported In West Bank

Amid high security in the Old City of Jerusalem, thousands of worshipers attended Friday prayers at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Crowds dispersed peacefully from the compound, where entrance to prayer-goers was limited to men aged 50 and older and all women.

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Israel Police Install Security Cameras At Temple Mount Entrance Amid Crisis

Israeli security forces installed security cameras at the entrance of the Lions’ Gate, adjacent to the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem early on Sunday morning.

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UK’s First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Gov After Pro-Rape Books Found

WEB Notes: So this has been going on since 2001 no doubt, right under the nose of the government. Who would have guessed those from another nation saturated in this type of culture would do such a thing?

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Dissent in NC county board prayer case: Only ‘generic prayer to a generic god’ allowed

WEB Notes: This is a bunch of hog wash. The Federal Government even has prayers by Christian and heathen alike.

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Waqf says Israel has completely taken control of Temple Mount

The Waqf on Saturday said charged that it had completely lost control over the Temple Mount as Muslim anger mounted following Israel’s closure of the flash point holy site in the wake of the terror attack there, Hebrew language media reported.

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Religious leaders get high on magic mushrooms ingredient – for science

WEB Notes: With what is being taught in mainstream Christianity I would say there are a whole lot more pastors on magic mushrooms. What so called man of God would go on a drug trip for a science experiment? People have seriously lost their minds and these men are supposed to be leading a flock to Christ? Remember the broad and narrow gates my friends. It should be obvious to you which one these boys are traveling down. The bigger fool is the one who follows the fool.

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Israel freezes plan for mixed-sex Jewish prayer site at Western Wall

WEB Notes: If this was going on in the US in a Christian community it would be on prime time news. The world would be outraged, yet when these types of headlines are not about Christians, no one cares. Christianity provides truth and freedom for the people, those who truly read the world and that is very dangerous to globalism.

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N.Y. promoted, covered up lesson plan teaching students to sympathize with Islamic suicide bombers

WEB Notes: Our public school system is nothing more than indoctrination centers for our children. Consider home schooling or independent studies. This is the type of thing we are paying taxes for? This is the type of thing we are sending our children off to in the morning? At this point, we should not be surprised.

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North Carolina County Approves Resolution Recognizing ‘Month of Ramadan’

WEB Notes: I am tired of hearing this trash. The US was not founded by Muslims or any other faith. It was founded by Christians so they could honor our Father how they wanted. The government continues to pervert that. We are continually told we need to let this or that group have their say so we are fair. The problem then becomes that we lose our rights and we have and are seeing that. Our Father told the Israelites long ago not to take on the traditions of the other nations as they were in vain, contrary to God. We can never take those examples and apply them to our lives for some reason, especially in these end times.

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Gallup: 55% of Americans Still Believe Religion Can Answer Today’s Problems

WEB Notes: This is a part of the problem here. “Religion” is not the answer. Jesus Christ is the answer. When you talk about God, which god are you talking about? bhudda is not going to help you. “allah” (meaning god) is not going to help you. Jesus Christ on the other hand can and will help you IF you ask Him too. IF you follow His Word and IF you love Him. It takes action on your part. Unfortunately, as a nation we have booted Him out and we wonder why our nation is falling a part. On a personal level Christ will be with you and your family, again IF you are with Him. Never forget that. The world can be falling a part all around you and with the help of Christ you will be just fine.

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