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Toys ‘R’ Us to Close 26 U.K. Stores in Court-Led Restructuring

WEB Notes: Everything is changing, everything including retail and how it functions. In the world of online retailers with few, but massive shipping centers brick and mortar stores will have a tough time competing. This is yet another consolidation we are seeing.

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America Sold Nearly $42B In Weapons To Foreign Countries In 2017

WEB Notes: This accounts for a 20% increase in sales year over year. Helping to destroy the world, one missile at a time and I ask you… Who is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism and war? Iran? Give me a break, they could not engineer themselves out of a box.

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It’s Official: Romania Signs Deal To Buy US Missile Defense System

Romania announced it wanted to buy Raytheon-made Patriot air and missile defense systems from the U.S. government in April and has been on the fast track to getting those systems, signing an agreement to make the purchase Wednesday.

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Trump Administration to World: Sever All Ties With North Korea

WEB Notes: This is called a trade war and it is very detrimental to a nation just as a standing army would be. Trump also advised major sanctions would be imposed on North Korea (NK) today. Trump even asked that China cut off oil NKs oil supply. We just may have a new escalation in this ongoing saga.

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Goldman Warns Highest Valuations Since 1900 Mean Pain Is Coming

WEB Notes: A crash will occur at some point in time, the market “works” (manipulated) in cycles. Over and over again, up and down, up and down. It would seem likely the next crash will coincide with the escalation of the sixth kingdom that we discussed in The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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Retail Apocalypse: 21 Big Retailers Closing Stores In 2017

WEB Notes: As a matter of fact 2017 just set the record for all-time store closings. Meanwhile online “Black Friday” sales hit record highs. So we continue to see the trend to move away from brick and mortar stores, something we have been talking about for years now. This trend will continue, especially in the age of two day shipping with steep discounts. What will this mean for a world of local retail and brick and mortar stores who provide jobs to local communities?…

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Amazon Workers Complain About Conditions In Tilbury Warehouse

WEB Notes: I do not know what the employment regulations are like in Euro land, but if Amazon is breaking the law the people need to be wise enough to make a stand and report the problem. For such a tough working environment, I see no one else or anything else going on in these photos which makes me think the plant was closed. I am sure the robots will tough it out.

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Stocks Around the Globe Stage Most Widely Shared Rally in Years

WEB Notes: Record markets around the globe, the most since 2007…

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As Black Friday nears, US stores get creative to battle e-commerce

WEB Notes: Or you could just save your money instead of buying a bunch of junk you probably do not need and will forget about in a month or three anyway.

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Tech Rally Goes Global, Powering Major Stock Indexes to Fresh Records

Shares of global technology companies are outpacing other sectors this year by the widest margin since the height of the dot-com era, with a handful of key players dictating how markets are performing around the world.

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Another Cryptocurrency Gets Hacked, Money Disappears. Here are the 30 Biggest Crypto Hacks

WEB Notes: Many people have said how “safe” these so called currencies are. The fact of the matter is nothing is safe unless you can hold it and even then it can be taken or manipulated. I would not invest in cryptocurrency unless you are willing to lose your investment. That should be common sense when it comes to investing. Do not invest more than you wish to potentially lose.

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France Ran Out Of Money Last Tuesday — And Within Days, So Will The Rest Of Europe

At first glance, not a lot was going on last Tuesday. Priti Patel was desperately trying to hang onto her job, unsuccessfully as it turned out. Donald Trump was mouthing off on a trip to South Korea. Manchester City were rumoured to bidding for an incredibly expensive footballer, and somebody somewhere was inevitably moaning on about Brexit. It was all fairly run-of-the-mill stuff.

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