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House GOP Set For Big Tax Win

WEB Notes: Is the GOP going to win or are the US tax payers going to win?

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Feds Collected Record Taxes in October; Still Ran $63 Billion Deficit

WEB Notes: But our elected officials are going to slash your taxes by a reasonable amount? Sure they are. I was born at night, but not last night.

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Senate Plan To Scrap Income And Property Tax Deductions Would Be A Blow To Californians

WEB Notes: Where is the tax cut for the American tax payer? I am not seeing it so far.

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Tax Cuts Will Balloon US Debt To 120% Of GDP, But Boost To Economy Will Be “Short-Lived”

WEB Notes: Common sense. Tax cut, plus record spending equals more debt. So far I am not seeing a lot of cuts, let us watch to see what they come up with.

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House GOP Quietly Revises Tax Bill To Tax Income At Higher Rates Over Time

WEB Notes: They call it CONgress for a reason. They are never fair and honest with the American people, this is not a tax cut. As we said before and we will say it again. Without budget cuts, there will be no real tax cuts. Do not call an extra $5 bucks in my paycheck a tax cut, that is a joke and a waste of time. If Trump was honest with the American people and since he is “so good with money” then he should understand the nation is bankrupt…

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Tesla Share Crash Amid Republican Bid To Kill Off Electric Car Tax Break

WEB Notes: Good. No company should receive a tax break like this. Do you realize Ford and GM have EPA regulations to comply with? If they do not bring their overall vehicle MPG to a certain rate in the next couple of years they will not be able to sell vehicles in this nation…

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The GOP’s Hidden 46% Tax Bracket

WEB Notes: Nothing I have read so far sounds like a tax cut. I just see taxes going up. Do not come crying to me about taxing the rich, they are already taxed to death and we just documented that the other day. If you bust your hump and made your money honestly there is nothing wrong with being “rich”. The government has no right to tax people at that rate, it is absolutely insane…

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GOP Tax Bill Slashes Size of Deductible Home Mortgage by 50% & More

WEB Notes: These is not tax reform that we were promised, this is shuffling the deck. I fail to see any deduction for the hard working American tax payer. Surprise, surprise!…

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GOP Tax Bill Shrouded In Secrecy

WEB Notes: Trump just told us the other day how he wanted to be absolutely transparent and release all the JFK files. Now the tax bill is “shrouded in secrecy”. So ol Transparent Trump is not so transparent. All you are going to get from these people is lip service, plain and simple.

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Top 20% Pay 95% Of Taxes, Middle Class ‘Single Digits’

WEB Notes: It is no secret the tax system is broken. Many people do not realize those with money pay most of the taxes, by far. The poor actually receive money back from the government for nothing. No one should receive money for nothing. That is not how it should work and that is not how God works either (2 Thessalonians 3:10). We are not talking about charity here, we are talking about taxes.

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FEMA Rethinking Policy That Bans Churches From Disaster Aid

WEB Notes: Why is “Federal Aid”, ie: Taxpayer dollars being given to any of these organizations? Do taxpayer dollars come help me fix my home when it is in need of repair? No. Should tax payer dollars be given to me to fix my home? No. It is my home and my responsibility…

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Trump Tax Plan Could Hit California Hard

WEB Notes: Californians receive extra tax cuts? Well someone come clue in the rest of us, because in my world which happens to be the real world Californians pay an exorbitant amount of taxes and fees…

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